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Welcome to Cognitive Typology

Cognitive Typology is an investigation into the field of vultology (the intersection between body mannerisms, voice tone, facial expressions and psychology). As with any field of study, a model is used to make sense of a body of data. This page contains all core articles of the CT Model (Model 1.5), its theoretical premises and its interpretations for the link between vultology and psychology.

1. Origins & Methodology
2. Four Layers of Emergence: Metabolic, Vultological, Behavioral, Mythological
3. General Overview of the Model
1. An Overview of Information Metabolism
2. Metabolism Practice Principles
3. A Computational Metaphor PT-1 | PT-2
4. Hierarchy as Ontological Priority
J - Differentiation Je T - Abiotic, Logical, Dissociated Ti Ne Ti/Fe Alpha: Democrats, Ephemeralists
P - Synthesis Ji F - Biotic, Ethical, Affected Fe Se Fi/Te Beta: Sectarians, Sensationalists
E - Proactive Pe N - Extrapolative, Abstract, Surreal Fi Ni Ni/Se Gamma: Meritocrats, Sensualists
I - Reactive Pi S - Literal, Concrete, Real Te Si Ne/Si Delta: Technocrats, Etherealists
Judgment-Lead Perception-Lead Extroversion Introversion
Je - Articulator Ji - Compass Pe - Explorer Pi - Worldview
Fi - Vultology Ti - Vultology Te - Vultology Fe - Vultology
Ne - Vultology Se - Vultology Si - Vultology Ni - Vultology
Vultology Code 2.0 - Codifier 6. Vultology Tutorial: Fi Signals
1. Vultology Tutorial: J vs P Signals 7. Vultology Tutorial: Ti Signals
2. Vultology Tutorial: Je Signals 8. Vultology Tutorial: Fe Signals
3. Vultology Tutorial: Ji Signals 9. Vultology Tutorial: Te Signals
4. Vultology Tutorial: Pi Signals 10. Vultology Tutorial: Ni/Si Signals
5. Vultology Tutorial: Pe Signals 11. Vultology Tutorial: Ne/Se Signals
Judgment Perception
Ji: Compass Je: Articulator Pe: Explorer Pi: Worldview
Fi: Seeking the Truth to Life
Fi: Attunement & Purification
Fi: Permeability
Fi: Emotional Palate
Fi: Discovery of Inner Essence
Fi: Idiosyncrasy & Self-Expression
Under Stress
Fi: Hypersensitivity & Overwhelm
Fi: Alexithymia & Dissociation
Te: Process-Orientation
Te: Science, Technology, Engineering
Te: Economics & Business/Law
Te: Challenge & Conscientiousness
Te: Management & Leadership
Te: Bluntness & Argumentation
Under Stress
Te: Steamrolling
Ne: Daydreaming
Ne: Lack of Attention
Ne: Mass Data Absorption
Ne: Serendipity & Flash Visions
Ne: Tinkering
Ne: Puns & Humor
Ne: Imitations & Parodies
Under Stress
Ne: Distraction & Escapism
Ni: Metaphors & Visual Aphorisms
Ni: The Mind & Panpsychism
Ni: Narrowness & Convergence
Ni: Symbology
Ni: Archetypes & Stereotypes
Ni: Synchronicity & Parapsychology
Under Stress
Ni: Conspiracy Theories
Ni: Apocalyptic Visions
Ti: Search for Universal Axioms
Ti: Reductionism
Ti: Castle Construction
Ti: Ontology & Linguistics
Ti: Perfectionism
Ti: Stubbornness to Framework
Under Stress
Ti: Emotional Shutoff
Ti: Hyper-Focus on Imperfections
Fe: The Social Economy
Fe: The Human Condition
Fe: The Transmutable Soul
Fe: Tribalism & Collectivism
Fe: Mentorship & Coaching
Fe: Mind Over Body
Under Stress
Fe: Shaming & Punishment
Fe: Self-Sacrifice
Se: Heightened Focus
Se: Flow & Improvisation
Se: Vitality & Volition
Se: Movement & Restlessness
Se: Persistence Effect
Se: Ergonomics & Aesthetics
Se: Sensual Energy
Under Stress
Se: Addiction
Se: Delinquency
Si: Narrativism
Si: Encyclopedia
Si: Backstory & Context
Si: Indexing & Modularity
Si: Collections
Si: Nostalgia
Si: Caution & Skepticism
Under Stress
Si: Paranoia
Si: Dogmatism
Alpha Types Beta Types Gamma Types Delta Types
Conductor Type (Je+Pi) Reviser Type (Ji+Pe)
J: Order P: Chaos
Ji: Prince/Princess Je: King/Queen Pe: Puer/Puella Pi: Senex/Crone
Fi - The Myth of Sacred Life
Fi - Light: The Fairy
Fi - Dark: The Witch
Te - The Myth of the King
Te - Light: The Wise King
Te - Dark: The Tyrant King
Ne: The Myth of the Puer Aeternus
Ne - Light: Child-like Wonder
Ne - Dark: Madness & Mischief
Ni- The Myth of the Cosmos
Ni - Light: Cosmic Consciousness
Ni - Dark: False Prophets
Ti - The Myth of the Void
Ti - Light: Omniscience
Ti - Dark: Cynical Nihilism
Fe - The Myth of the Hero
Fe - Light: The Savior
Fe - Dark: The Adversary
Se - The Myth of the Trickster
Se - Light: Aphroditic
Se - Dark: Vulgarity
Si - The Myth of the Earth
Si - Light: Holy Ceremony
Si - Dark: Retrogression
CT & Psychoanalysis


Attitudes of the Heart
Fi: Seelie Fi: Unseelie Fe: Adaptive Fe: Directive
Fi: Seelie (Stressed) Fi: Unseelie (Stressed) Fe: Adaptive (Stressed) Fe: Directive (Stressed)
A forum exploring the connection between Jungian typology and body mannerisms.

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