Beta Types
August 3, 2017 | By Auburn

Beta Overview

Note: This article is due for a refresh; some information may be outdated.
Beta types are those with Ti-Fe & Se-Ni as their oscillation pairs. Beta types often develop as smoothtalkers and persuaders. From the articulate and empathic FeNi, to the hypnotic NiFe, to the affable SeTi and the cool geek TiSe, we are drawn to their tailored presentation and confident aura. In their best form, their cultural know-how can lead to the creation of social cohesion, community, stability and equality. Like with alpha types, a strong sense of brotherhood/sisterhood may flourish and invite involvement between people of all demographics. But this acceptance won’t always come free. There may be peace and order but only in the confines of a certain paradigm which may carry superfluous restrictions and misconceptions about human nature.
A type of sectism can quickly develop and an us-vs-them mentality stretches its root. When this hostility is at its worst, we will find opportunistic social and emotional exploitation, shaming, oppresive social hierarchies, bullying and misleading visions from oracle figures. But this stubbornness can find a source of relief in a feeling of cosmic embrace. When Ti and Ni collaborate to create an all-inclusive principle, sensitive to the empathy shared by all conscious beings, then the beta quadrant recovers its generosity and leniency.
A sense of aesthetic will permeate the quadrant which aims for simple elegance and function. These types will often make an art of sensation, creating luxurious displays and channels for stimulation. An insatiable gravitation toward richness of experience will ebb across all four of these types and sometimes clash with the moderation suggested by their ethical code.

Beta Qualia

Auras: Prepared, Polished, Cunning
Independent of any specific situation, the energy of beta types will carry a baseline air of premeditation and confidence. A level of surety accompanies their demeanor and a relaxation which makes the body somewhat nonchalant or slightly more aloof. They will carry themselves with a certain level of density, and move in linear – rather than scattered – ways. Rarely will a beta type appear fully baffled or disoriented by a situation. And when the beta type does experience confusion, it will more commonly manifest as frustration and impatience with a situation that feels needlessly convoluted.
Betas will also have a somatic aura, with a keen sense of presence. The word gritty encapsulates a variation of beta which focuses on the tactile and competitive duality of Se+Fe, leading them to be motivated by various forms of contact. Another variation of beta can be described as angsty. This variation is defined by a directive Fe in chronic opposition to some element of the human world, conjoined with an Ni worldview which may offer a rather bleak estimation of the possibility for solutions. In better circumstances, betas will have a playful and zesty energy which riffs off the present in a vibrant way, causing them to have a charming aura and infectious spirit.

Ti+Se: The Analytical Sensationalist

This type is the analytical sensationalist. The calculated risk taker who likes to push himself to the edge. They will usually be very attune to their body, the sensory reality around them and the potential for more stimulating experiences through that channel. They love understanding the world for its detailed complexity and may enjoy mastering kinesthetic arts such as choreography, dance, martial arts, DJ, tatto artistry, music, etc. Usually have a great sense of aesthetic, symmetry, trends and ergonomics. Talented at discovering the most universal impacts of an experience, and tailoring their craft over time to capitalize on that knowledge.
– Tony Hawk
– Paul Rodriguez
– Ryan Scheckler
– Tiger Woods
– Travis Barker

Ti+Ni: The Alchemist

Intellectual, but often within mystical subject matters. These types aim to take the hazy world of intuition, and the phenomenology of the self, and bring it into illumination with Ti. Psychoanalysts. This function combination produces the epitome of the “alchemist” as not only one who understands and appreciates the universal/human, but who makes it a kind of “science of the mind”. Appreciating the thematic and panoramic just as much as the precise and clear. Aiming to clarify the very subtle relationships between observable patterns of phenomenological experience, and the natural world’s orderings.
– Carl Jung
– Friedrich Nietzche
– Michael Pierce
– Thomas Bergman

Ni+Fe: The Guru

Sage-like, these are the mentors and counselors of the world. Having an innate comprehension of the human drama/condition, combined with a type of universal intuition about where the “answers” to that “condition” appear to be… this type easily positions itself as a Guide. Whether deliberately or accidentally. Often hypnotic in their energy, alluring and able to make you comfortable in their presence. Tending toward concepts of universal acceptance, being ethical to your fellow man, but also freeing oneself of self-shame, letting the mind release worries and enter the stillness of Ni. Can be somewhat superstitious, believing in karma, law of attraction, universal consciousness, synchronicity, and other ideas with somewhat panpsychic undertones.
– Oprah Winfrey
– Morgan Freeman
– Mandy Patinkin
– Drew Canole
– Nichol Bradford

Fe+Se: The Persona-Sensitive Sensationalist

The persona-sensitive sensationalists. Masters of social “game” and highly aware of how their comportment affects their ability to navigate that territory. These types often carry an aura of confidence about them and may treat social endeavors as power dynamics, often with the aim of rising to the top. Self-controlled, often disciplined with their physique, their craft and overall behavior. Able to put in hours in order to achieve results. But just as much loving the play, the rush and simple enjoyments of life. Having a thirst for life, lived to its fullest and most burning hues.
– Tyrese Gibson
– Eminem
– Will Smith
– Bruce Lee
– Shemar Moore

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