Inter-Function Dynamics

Inter-function dynamics refers to operations that transpire between two or more energetic function. The operations of single functions comprise only a small percent of the effects we see manifested in individuals. The majority of complex tasks require the high-level use of more than one function at the same time. These interactions between functions can be divided up into different tiers of complexity as follows:

Tier 0: Circular

Definitional Processing (J-) Procedural Processing (J+) Information Gathering (P+) Temporal Contextualizing (P-)
Platonism (L-) Negentropy (L+) Potentiality (M+) Locality (M-)
Animism (D-) Mechanics (D+) Actuality (V+) Trans-Locality (V-)

Tier 0 is the tier where the function is operating primarily with itself. It is not an inter-function dynamic, hence being called Tier 0. At this level we see the effects that functions produce when they are cycling thousands of times across the same objects with minimal input from other processes. The effects of Tier 0 are those described in the pages listed above.

Tier 1: Collaborative

(J+/P-) Conduct (J-/P+) Revision (J-/P-) Compression (J+/P+) Decompression
(L+/M-) Negentropic Locality (L-/M+) Platonic Potentiality (L+/M+) Negentropic Potentiality (L-/M-) Platonic Locality
(L+/V-) Negentropic Trans-Locality (L-/V+) Platonic Actuality (L+/V+) Negentropic Actuality (L-/V-) Platonic Trans-Locality
(D+/V-) Mechanistic Trans-Locality (D-/V+) Animistic Actuality (D+/V+) Mechanistic Actuality (D-/V-) Animistic Trans-Locality
(D+/M-) Mechanistic Locality (D-/M+) Animistic Potentiality (D+/M+) Mechanistic Potentiality (D-/M-) Animistic Locality
Formulation (J+/J-) Synthesis (P+/P-)
(L) Heterocellular? Formulation (M) Modular Synthesis
(D) Unicellular? Formulation (V) Vortical Synthesis

Tier 1 can be described as the tier where two energetic functions are operating together with roughly equal weighting. This happens when both functions are fully conscious, such as in types with the following developments: ll–, l-l-, l–l.

Tier 2: Subservient

-A = D-d+ +B = D+d- +C = M-m+ -D = M+m-
+A = L-l+ -B = L+l- -C = V-v+ +D = V+v-

Tier 2 involves a relationship between two functions that is collaborative, but non-symmetrical. In this arrangement, the assets of one function are being used for the purpose of the other.

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