Inter-Function Dynamics
October 16, 2020 | By Auburn

Inter-function dynamics refers to operations that transpire between two or more energetic function. The operations of single functions comprise only a small percent of the effects we see manifested in individuals. The majority of complex tasks require the use of more than one function at the same time. The traits emerging from this combined function usage plays a critical part in the metabolic identification of type, within a holistic analysis. The metabolic confirmation of a type involves checking to see whether the individual displays the traits emergent from the internal relationships of these functions, not just the static features of the functions in isolation.

Function Quadrant Traits

Each function quadrant has its own inter-function dynamics, composed of how the four functions come together to accomplish larger tasks. Function quadrant traits are those attributes unique to a given quadrant and which emerge from the internal relationships that quadrant has between their cognitive functions. These traits are summarized in the following table. The names in quotes are alias by which the function combos are called, and do not represent literal meanings. The literal meanings are to be found in their respective metabolisms.

Je+Pi Conductor Ji+Pe Reviser Ji+Pi Double-Intro Je+Pe Double-Extro
Alpha Fe+Si "Democratic" Ti+Ne "Ephemeralist" Ti+Si "Scholastic" Ne+Fe "Potentialist"
Beta Fe+Ni "Sectarian" Ti+Se "Sensationalist" Ti+Ni "Cabalist" Se+Fe "Opportunist"
Gamma Te+Ni "Meritocrat" Fi+Se "Sensualist" Fi+Ni "Occultist" Se+Te "Realist"
Delta Te+Si "Bureaucratic" Fi+Ne "Etherealist" Si+Fi "Druidist" Ne+Te "Entrepreneur"


Compound Functions

Another inter-function dynamic is found in compound functions. Compound functions refer to an emergent effect produced by the two poles of a function axis oscillating together rapidly.

Je+Ji Formulation Pe+Pi Synthesis
IT (Fi->Te) IN (Si->Ne)
IF (Ti->Fe) IS (Ni->Se)
EF (Te->Fi) ES (Ne->Si)
ET (Fe->Ti) EN (Se->Ni)
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