Edin: The Myth of Sacred Life
November 21, 2017 | By Auburn

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The spiritual experience of Fi in a person I call Edin, as distinct from Fi the information metabolism process.

Edin: The Myth of Sacred Life

Of the sanctity of all the living. Of the irrevocable soul. Of their unalienable rights.

The myth of Edin is the principle of life in its purest form. To Edin a plant or tree is a living, conscious entity just as a bird is conscious and sacred, just as a human is sacred. Whether it's pain felt by an insect, or a fish, or a human... all have a common experience. Axiomatically, the pain oneself may feel is no more real than the pain a pig might feel as it's slaughtered. And as such it's no less cruel. Because Edin approaches all matters of life from the empathetic projection into the individual, the experience is considered no different from the inside-out. It understands that anything with even the most minimal capacity to experience Life, joy and pain, is conscious. It is an equalizer of value, by virtue of all things being participants in the experience of life. Nothing alive can be robbed of its right to be here; of the privilege of existing. All is pure and correct in being what it is. "All equally deserve to exist." And delving further, Edin holds a belief in the sacred soul; the immaterial and unalienable essence of life in things. Some call this essence Love. Some call it Consciousness. Some call it the spirit of Gaia or the Great Mother.

The myth of Edin is then one of discovering what this seed is - what is my soul?
I sense it in me. I sense it in every being - their sarendi

Perfection for Edin is being exactly what you always were all along; which first takes discovering/finding yourself, trusting it, then living always in alignment to what you discover constitutes your nature. Being the animal you are, Running with the Wolves. Letting your flame shine without reservation or apology.

"I am a wolf"
"But I know every rock and tree and creature Has a life, has a spirit, has a name"
In this myth there is not just harmlessness; it is a call to honor all of nature - all of you.
The tender arms and also the fangs.
Pocahontas, Princess Mononoke, Neytiri - are all Edin spirits. Edin advocates the expression of the emotional/intuitive soul, as present in all sentient lifeforms on Earth. The timeless living self, and this spirit is Feminine. Naturally all humans have an emotional register, and a capacity to reflect on one's nature, but Edin acts as an unfiltered gateway into that emotional register (able to ping it directly) - often revealing quite quickly what one's nature/motivation is. What the shape of your heart is, and the shape of others' hearts. Aura-reading is not uncommon for those with an Edin myth.
Having awareness of 'essence' is not always a rosy process. She may guide you into harsh realizations about yourself. You might discover a pretty fairy deep inside you, or maybe you're a wretched ogre or a love-deprived Grinch. You might find yourself or others to be selfish, greedy, vindictive, mischievous. And this truth will be revealed to you in striking colors. Yet no matter what it is, it's the truth of you and knowing the truth of yourself is what matters.

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