September 7, 2020 | By Auburn
Native-State Energetic Toll Modulation Over-Modulation

Over-modulation is a form of modulation where the function's energetics are being pushed beyond their current bodily-stress limits. In such cases the energetic will appear overdone, over-exerted and will lead to exhaustion. For example, if a Ji l--- type is pressed into a political debate, and has to compete with Je l--- interlocutors, they may over-modulate into a Je l--l state in order to manage the current situation, even though they are not conscious in Je. Over-modulation is a emergency protocol that invests high energy for a short burst, in order to receive immediate payoffs. Over-Modulation can lead to burnout, or it can also lead to the eventual development of the function being over-modulated.

Function Development through Over-Modulation

While over-modulation typically happens during stress to get by in a situation, over-modulation can happen voluntarily when an individual becomes over-identified with a function. A habit of over-modulation may develop and like working a muscle, each time the function is exercised it becomes easier to call forth. Over time the function is no longer being over-modulated but is instead simply being modulated as part of their development level.
The difference between modulation and over-modulation in this case would be the removal of a great deal of energetic stress. This can be measured in the body, as the execution of the energetic will have more ease, will be less frantic and will be more comfortable and confident. When a function is fully developed, the energetic toll is reduced to sustainable levels, even though it will never fully disappear.

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