Energetics: An Ego-Image Survey
September 14, 2020 | By Auburn

Energetics Survey

1.I need my life to have a captivating newness, an exciting freshness and vibrancy.
2.People have told me that I can come across as pushy and bossy.
3.There is no need to rush into something until one has understood the situation sufficiently.
4.I am nitpicky about what I do, and either put in the time to do something perfectly or not at all.
5.I like to explore uncharted territories, even when that means flirting with danger.
6.I'm a natural born leader and often find myself in management positions.
7.My pursuit for a personal identity that matches me best has taken me far from my starting culture and background.
8.People come to me for the dependability of my perspective, in order to recieve stable and temperate advice.
9.Out with the old, in with the new.
10.No compromise is a good compromise.
11.I find fulfillment in taking on responsibility and holding myself up to a higher standard.
12.We should exercise caution when attempting to discard things that have persisted for a long time.
13.I am innately curious and my attention is unexpectedly consumed by novel activities and projects.
14.I often forego immediate benefits for long-term tradeoffs.
15.I go along with life's situations and then find myself in places I didn't expect.
16.I invest time in learning about the political issues of my state, and I worry about the issues facing our society.
17.When I have no work to do I tend to feel inept and can fall into depression.
18.I'm not enraptured by the glitter of new ideas, as I think we should be cautious about how we integrate big changes into existing structures.
19.I have nurtured a degree of pain tolerance, allowing me to bear through difficult tasks.
20.I tend to resist using the wrong means, even when it would give me the right ends.
21.I have a fixation on purity, causing me to struggle to do or say anything that feels impure to me.
22.I have a child-like sense of humor and like to joke around.
23.I can articulate my thoughts with ease in real-time, without stuttering or buckling.
24.My love for organization lends me to use tools such as binders, calendars and checklists.
25.I work slowly and meticulously, and make mistakes when forced to work at an accelerated rate.
26.I know a lot of facts about historical movements, time periods and the evolution of ideas across them.
27.What's been true of the world up to now, will be true of the future.
28.My procedural thinking allows me to excel in domains such as business and economics.
29.I have an insatiable hunger for what comes next and easily get restless in an environment that offers little opportunities for experimentation.
30.I am flexible and improvise on the spot when situations change around me.
31.I'm always picking up new crafts and skills, even though I also abandon the ones I've already learned.
32.I like getting tasks done because it gives me a sense of purpose, rather than out of obligation.
33.I don't understand how to get to where I'm going, but I trust my inner sense of alignment to guide me.
34.A key focus of my life is entertainment, both in consumption and my personal creation.
35.I place more value on what is correct, in principle, often to the expense of what is necessary or practical.
36.I have a stable understanding of how the world works and what our place in life is.
37.I see how every situation I am in is embedded in a broader social, political and global context.
38.My preoccupation with utopian visions and aspirations makes my own state, and that of the world, pale in comparison.
39.I don't like to say anything that I don't stand behind 100%.
40.People describe me as a steady pillar in their lives.

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