Ver: The Myth of the Trickster
November 21, 2017 | By Auburn

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The spiritual experience of Se in a person I call Ver, as distinct from Se the information metabolism process.

Ver: The Myth of the Trickster


“[He is] Admired, Loved, venerated for his merits and virtues, he is represented as thievish, deceitful, parricidal, incestuous, and cannibalistic. The malicious practical joker is deceived by just about anybody; the inventor of ingenious stratagems is presented as an idiot; the master of magical power is sometimes powerless to extricate himself from quandaries.” (p.67 Hynes and Doty). The trickster seems to be a comedy of opposites. For every good aspect of his persona there is an equal and opposite aspect. In religious stories his role is very diverse. He is the breaker of taboos.

The trickster is a lot like the Puer/Puella Aeternus. Indeed, a different iteration of it. Young, impetuous and unrestrained. But is more tricksy, crafty and also a joker/jester. Unlike the Puer who lives in a magical world of their own imagination, the trickster's ability to soar/fly is not so easy to simulate mentally. It has to attain this liberty in some tangible avenue, and so it plays games and leverages the environment to fully optimize his/her experience of freedom/fun. This is where the opportunistic reputation of Se comes into play.

The trickster will often act dumb, or appear less competent than it really is, in order to be underestimated. It plays just as freely as Ne plays, but with the physical world and its effects. It seeking an amped experience and is slippery whenever anything seems to want to contain its activity. The impetuous element of Pe manifests in Ver as a drive to remove the physical restraints placed upon it by Order. It undoes order, and this is easy enough to see. From graffiti, to gambling, to drinking, to pranks or practical jokes, to piercings/tattoos/gauges (now mainstream but previously shunned) - it may delight a little in its unconventional activities. Shock-value can be a motivator for the trickster, both in what it says and does.

And while all this may seem like an elaborate scheme, the trickster has little or no long-term vision in mind. It simply acts in the moment according to what will give it the freedom it wants right then and there. On the more positive side of things, however, the trickster is a channel into life-energy like the Puer. A source of fun, vitality, enjoyment and invigoration.

Every Se-lead has a bit of a trickster inside of them; a tendency to play/banter, outfox others and especially to flip off "the Man" (father archetype). And that's why Ver is highly entertaining, daring and sexy in its provocative thrillseeking. It draws attention/audiences to see what it'll do next because it's so unpredictable.

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