Objectively Verifying Carl Jung's Types
Using visual typing to isolate elements of Jungian psychology *

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Mind-Body Psychology

We are discovering a new way of understanding human psychology through its connection with micro and macro body expressions. Through an analysis of facial expressions among hundreds of people, we generate psychological profiles that match those who share a given visual signature.

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Verifying Jungian Types

* The phenomenon we are researching overlaps strongly with certain forms of Jungian typology, allowing for the possibility of independently verifying that Carl Jung's concept of types has a physical and measurable reality. Join us as we uncover new territory and expand our understanding of human nature.

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We're developing a visual typing system with high inter-rater reliability. We can produce 90%+ consensus among trained practitioners in blind experiments. We aim to elevate typology to ever more scientific standard, as we test our ideas in preparation for formal publication.

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1024 Resolution

We identify your type not just down to 1 of 16, but 1 of 1,024 by mapping over 70 visual signals. While type is intrinsic, nurture plays a role in shaping us into unique individuals. We track these differences as well, and show you which cognitive functions you have developed, and where you may have opportunities for growth.

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Continual Refinement

As a data-driven model, Cognitive Typology is not fixed in place, but is ever adjusting and refining its model as more data comes in from new samples, and our predictions about behavior become more accurate. The profiles on this website are subject to revision as we learn more.

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