Se-10: Pointed Eye-Toggling
January 28, 2018 | By Auburn

Visual Description

The eyes toggle linearly, sharply and with a trajectory. They will toggle between 2 (or a max of 3) focal points in a short time span; alternating between those two points in either slow or fast speeds.

Psychology Description

This signal demonstrates a psyche that is quite uncertain/doubtful or in the midst of reconsideration or reevaluation of its understanding. It reveals a psyche that is engaged in real-time mental visualization or linguistic restructuring of thoughts. The mind is creating new ideas and information by exploring novel ways of piecing together existing data, and synthesizing a new perspective out of it.

Full Description

Unlike Ne eyes, which are scatter-shot and which gently toggle about in a variety of different vectors (going up/down/left/right all in two seconds) Se eyes tend to return again to the same areas they've toggled before. They toggle less sporadically, and instead toggle between various focal points in the environment. For example, they may go from the cup on the table, to the lamp and back. Or perhaps between the cup, the lamp and the person they're talking to. This will differ from Ne's brushstroke toggling which has no focal points and instead darts about aimlessly, never fixating on anything in the direction of their eyes. Below we see this difference:

Blue: Ne Brushstroke Movements / Red: Se Pointed Toggling

The above two GIFs show blue or red dots representing each individual shift in focus that appears in the eyes of Ne and Se respectively. The core differences between the two eyes can be summarized as:

  1. Direction: Ne eye toggles will be more random and have a wider overall range in their direction. Se eye toggles will be more linear in their direction, often picking two or just three points to toggle between. For example, Se eyes may dart from left to right several times, while not taking many detours to toggle in other scattered directions. In general, Ne's micro-shifts will glide only a few degrees at a time from one focal point to the next, brushstroking through the environment. Oppositely, Se eyes alternate between a few definitive points in the environment.
  2. Quantity: Ne eyes toggles will be slightly more abundant in how many times they subtly micro-shift their focal points. While Se eyes may change their focus 5 times in 5 seconds, Ne eyes may change focus 10 times. In some situations, Se eyes can match the quantity of shifts that Ne eyes make, but they will not retain their sporadic directionality; often alternating between just two points rapidly.

Both above attributes must be present in the toggles for them to be identified as belonging to either Ne or Se.

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