NeFi ll-
October 1, 2020 | By Auburn

Introduction & Profile

Primary Auxiliary Tertiary Polar
Ne Fi Te Si
(ES) (IT) (EF) (IN)

As an NeFi II-- you are an Explorer with conscious development of your Compass. You have an insatiable impulse towards new information, as you become enraptured by various interests and experiences that promise to unveil the mysteries of life. You become immersed in a sea of ideas, consumed by these interests while losing track of logistics, place and time along the way. Your thoughts will tend to wander into the clouds, drifting in and out of diverse hypotheses which might explain the world from unconventional angles. You may develop a reputation for being lost in a hazy dreamland and can be seen as absentminded to others. However, although your appetite for new topics is broad, you are always focused on identifying the discrete, essential meanings in things and people. You wish to uncover what principles are core and lie at the foundations of reality. You sense that this reality can come into light only when people are willing to be honest with themselves, with the good and bad alike, rather than repressing any aspect of their nature - physically, emotionally or spiritually - for fear of what it might reveal. You are very frank with your own inner world, working alongside your authentic embodiment rather than fighting against it, and believe others should too. You live by a specific set of principles that are central to your nature. You’re driven to isolate what is “true” or “right” in the highest sense possible – both about individuals and existence itself. You are an avid explorer, but of questions of being, and to that end you plunge headlong into all available domains for answers, whether they be religious, academic or esoteric.
As you navigate these waters, your own nature come into sharper focus, thus turning your attention to your own existence. This leads to solitary self-reflection as a means of understanding your own inner workings. Pursuing questions about your personal identity and truth, what you like or dislike and what you really believe or disbelieve in, takes an enormous portion of your time. And your pursuit of these questions will manifest in that very same data-surfing that is native to you, taking you through disparate mentors, methodologies and information rabbit holes for answers. Your absorption in these rabbit holes can make you appear absentminded, lost and inaccessible to others. And while you never truly dissociate from the world, a fissure in communication inevitably develops between you and them which is proportional to how acutely your perspectives move away from the social common denominator. Over time, this idiosyncrasy will lead you to develop a specific set of philosophies, values, aesthetics which can be at odds not only with others, but also with what is practical in the world.
Your relationship to the world will be distressed and aggravated by your inner compass whenever work or responsibility suggests that you do something that goes against these very niche positions. Your organizational skills may be present only in a few niche places that you personally care about, such as in maintaining routine hygiene, removing desk clutter and being a minimalist in your home. In these little areas you can appear obsessive-compulsive towards ordering things just the way you want them. However, at work you may protest against procedures that encourage speaking inauthentic words and untruths, or which violate your private principles. At worse this can lead to paralysis and self-sabotage, where your compass causes you to fixate stubbornly in a position that feels true, but which is counterproductive and destructive. Yet, since you’re always in a state of fluid exploration, you ultimately question your preferences when they fail to be prescriptive to a positive and joyous life. Therefore, you’re never stuck anywhere for long, since your travels guide you in time out of that paralysis and into a new form of being. You are in a perpetual state of self-evolution, as part of your essence itself is change and you re-manifest yourself over time.
But this constant state of change, of mental and physical travel and reinvention, comes at the loss of security, certainty and“home.” You’ll have an unconscious aversion to settling down and laying roots, whether in your education, career or love life,feeling as though a vital and dynamic part of you would die. But behind all your wanderings and self-transformations hides an inner yearning to anchor down into an existence where you know just who you are, who you belong with and where. This desire may be imagined as a cozy cottage in the meadows, a family estate on the outskirts of town, or a place where you’ve created your own haven from an eclectic assortment of your favorite things. And while this is a frightening idea in some parts of consciousness,it is also the hidden agenda of your unconscious and is a source of idealistic fantasy. Your wanderings are motivated, at heart, to coming across that place that will satisfy all your criteria, give you the right answers, and tie you down happily forever.

Emotional Attitude

Seelie > Unseelie:
As for your emotional disposition, if you are seelie your demeanor will appear naturally vulnerable, gentle and disarming. People may describe you as sensitive, compassionate, and attuned to your femininity. You may radiate out emotions through a whispery voice, a bashfulness of the body and giddy giggles. And although this may provoke a level of criticism from tough-skinned people who don’t understand you, your ability to be open-hearted to life and humanity remains uncompromised. Your attitude remains seelie so long as it is permeable to others, whether voluntarily or not. Thus, the possession of a seelie attitude will cause you to be deeply affected by life in both positive and negative ways, giving rise to acute highs and lows. The capacity to feel radiant joy comes at the cost of also feeling intense sorrows, making you more highly attuned to pain. This same experience of pain will lead to a heightened sense of empathy both for humans and other animal species. In some cases, an affinity develops for nature and the divinity within each living being. This can lead to a nurturing impulse towards plant and animal life.
Unseelie > Seelie:
As for your emotional disposition, if you are unseelie you are far from a sentimentalist and have a more blunt and assertive attitude. You’re not afraid to make critical opinions of others, and to call out lies and hypocrisies where you see them. This can give you an "abrasive" attitude and others may experience you as being touchy and haughty. And while some may see your words as harsh, you ultimately seek fairness and justice which requires forthrightness. You value not beating around the bush, and hearts that express what they truly feel.Yet, your Fi’s sensitivity is never truly gone. Although you prefer to stand your own intellectual ground, your high Fi values will manifest in your personal approaches to life. Rather than approaching matters from a hands-off third person view, it matters in a powerful way that you have a subjective ethical alignment with the topic at hand. You may protest against certain personalities due to a personal disgust felt against them, or may reject hypotheses that are in violation of some essential living ethic. And in this way, you still reveal your Fi’s ethical priority.

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