Edar: The Myth of the King
November 21, 2017 | By Auburn

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The spiritual experience of Te in a person I call Edar, as distinct from Te the information metabolism process.

Edar: The Myth of the King


As discussed at some length in this thread, Te corresponds to the myth of Kinghood. But I need to explain some of what this means in a practical sense. We don't have kings anymore. Through the ages, the word ("King") has changed grammatically into other terms. Yet the concept hasn't changed. In this era, King is CEO. King is Billionaire. "The myth of the Billionaire" is perhaps a modernization if this ageless meritocratic myth of Edar, which channels its ideology from the notion of self-made success and power. Ayn Rand's Objectivism is one and the same with this. It's the belief in the power of the self to accomplish (but via economics and an understanding of the mechanical/natural world).


What is it that drives one towards that promotion?
Toward a higher position in office?
The "Big" chair.

Statistically speaking, we see a prominence of Edar in government offices (the modern-day aristocracy). The natural operation of Te leads all too often to a (unconscious) myth/drive toward power to surface in the person. The motive can be noble or selfish, but the King feels always that one should ensure ability/agency, self-sufficiency, security and resources.

And this is not just applicable to those in literal positions in office. Every home that has an Edar parent in it, has a King/Queen in the house. And if it's a child Edar, then a mini-King/Queen who constantly threats to usurp command. And this tendency extends out to all domains. If the Edar is a fellow coworker, they will often butt heads for control with whoever is in charge at the time -- or already be in command. This (unconscious) myth of power will permeate their lives in a million subtle ways, guiding their life narrative into directions of authority.

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