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The TiSe type emerges when the Ti-Fe oscillation is primary and lead by Ti, while supported by the Se-Ni perception oscillation. This type will have a reserved and sparing presence, often receptive in form, but gently resolute. As a compass type, the TiSe will be technical and meticulous in speech, often leading to a pause in their body as they search for the most accurate phrasing of their thoughts.

During these moments their face will neutralize all emotional energy as their eyes disengage downward for the duration of their search. Their hands may also stiffen, taking a spidery and delicate shape before releasing a small push of emotion with each point of emphasis.

Yet, despite these many pauses, the TiSe will remain well coordinated and timed to the social situation. The additional time invested in forming articulation will not insinuate that the TiSe is wholly at a loss for words. By contrast, the TiNe’s speech, which is embedded with Ne’s divergent energy and thought, will more often appear uncertain and hesitant when Ti’s pauses are notable.

Having Se as a supportive process, the TiSe’s pursuit of clarity follows a more causal and implied trajectory. Especially when Ni is involved, Ti’s deductive ability is given a general vector which it can use as a starting point and arrive at pointed logical conclusions using all known parameters and axioms.

The TiSe will aim to create precision in definitions and to understand the quality of things. While the SeTi may focus more on the experience and use Ti to identify and optimize that experience, the TiSe will identify the qualities of a thing by evaluating its overall conceptual reality.

Differentiating traits will remain the primary focus of deduction, but conclusions will be arrived at by the use of Se’s tangible information. In this way, the TiSe differs from the TiNe which will dabble with Ne’s linguistic objects and arrive at more semantically concise but detached conclusions. Here a more tangible quantification will replace the TiNe’s habit of fantastical philosophizing.


When the TiSe aims this precision toward a somatic practice, they may strive for perfection both in reception and overall sensation, often becoming highly invested in a field. Domains which contain sufficient interlocking variables to necessitate a special methodology and path to mastery will be especially attractive.

Precision in technique will be applied where it can – whether it’s in sketching, music composition, dance, martial arts or any other art form. As a result, a unique sense of aesthetic quickly develops in this type, due in part to Ti’s tendency to search for logical alignment within existing data.

Themes of symmetry and contrast may be noted in their work as subjective, logical differentiations and crystallizations are manifested in visual metaphor. Unlike the SiTe dabbler, who is also known for his interest in crafts, the “look and feel” of a thing will more sensitively guide the TiSe’s process of creation. It will become more of an aesthetic and ergonomic creation than a nostalgic or novel piece.

If their Ti’s focus is aimed instead at conceptual distinctions between the elements comprising an object, then they will become analysts and critics. TiSe Marques Brownlee, an online personality whose made a career by reviewing emerging technologies, aptly embodies the composition of this subtype.

Marques will carefully evaluate the sensational experience of each product, focusing not only on its specs, visual presentation, fit, comfort, ease of use but also its overall feeling. He will analyze technology from the perspective of an expert as well as the expected end-user. There is always an understanding of the general population’s tastes and concerns (Fe), making the TiSe’s aesthetic partially shaped by, or at least sensitive to, a more societal resonance.

This is in contrast to the aesthetic of the FiSe, which more often follows its own path of refinement. To the Ti+Se duality, the pinnacle of mastery becomes the point at which the experience of a piece or product is honest, precise, simple and universal. There will be a general aspiration toward elegant simplicity; the convergence between functionality and minimalistic form. From a visual standpoint, we will see a moderate level of Se influencing this subtype. The eyes may remain steady and locked for long stretches of time, yet the body’s energy will stay rigid, methodical and internally oriented.


In some TiSe, Se is more vividly and directly explored. However, being a judgment type, a level of premeditation will permeate their explorative process. If receptiveness toward exploration is decided, then it is pursued with keen intention.

Consequently, the TiSe will often seek to concentrate their experience, aiming at times for sensory overwhelm or for its furthest pursit. More than a few TiSe have taken to drag racing, extreme sports and combat sports. The daring, world-renown TiSe Tony Hawk fits appropriately into this category, but also the more methodical TiSe Tiger Woods.

The TiSe’s reserved composure might give the impression of a person unprepared for high stakes, but at other times they may unexpectedly outshine more established athletes with their execution. Yet despite these and other special cases, the ace athlete will not represent a major demographic in these physical activities and may just as quickly shrink out of the limelight and take to more sedentary interests.

Still, like all other high Pe types, the TiSe does have its own spontaneous and playful side which manifests when no specific agenda is in sight. Their sense of humor will be jesting, if a bit daring and rowdy. Some may use their special artistry in flashy ways to complement their social interactions and rapport.

As with other Se types, their recreational exploration can become edgy, primal and visceral. And in some cases, if the TiSe’s lead function is overshadowed by this recreation, their visceral indulgence can evolve into a habit.


The TiSe, although not wholly tactless in social settings, is rarely charismatic, warm or especially inviting. But when a deeper passion for human nature emerges, Fe and its dynamics begin to take a central interest. Humanity is understood primarily from the outer; from typical social responses and the sensitivities of their culture.

As the question is eventually turned to their own place among the collective, the TiSe will gradually participate in the crafting of a social persona. And as with the persona-sensitive FeNi, the self will be used as the raw material to mold a character reflective of the agenda of their primary judgment oscillation.

Still, for the TiSe, this persona will never remain a permanent fixture, but something which requires constant adjustment and emotional upkeep. It will remain instead an instrument that revolves around their specific values and ethics, aimed to give them agency in the outer world. The Fe-using TiSe, like the TiNe, plays the role of an actor in many social settings.

Christian Hudson, an emotional engineer and creator of “The Social Man” program, gives us a window into one TiSe’s persona construction. Hudson delineates his methodology from the most subtle head tilt to the timing of eye contact, being as meticulous with his engineering of tactics and gestures as the TiSe is with any other interest.

Ti’s deductive scalpel is applied here to the subject of human dynamics, leveraging emotions and general instincts toward his personal goals. At other times a persona is crafted not with the intention of manipulating others but for presenting a poised appearance. We see this cool-headed character in many Japanese or Korean celebrities and also in the general East Asian demographic.

The male idol group SHINee, which is comprised entirely of TiSe individuals and other compass types, exemplifies this emulation. A female group from Japan named Perfume holds a similar composition, defined by a rigid, respectful, polished yet classy character shared among all group members both on and off stage.

While the SeTi and FeNi will proactively engage others with their charisma, the TiSe will play the “cool geek” persona and respond to the approaches of others with this poised presentation.

For a complete account of this type’s vultology, we can look at interviews of the following TiSe public figures:

Name                                      Development

Christian Hudson                    Poised Actor

Marques Brownlee                  Technical Specialist

Norman Chan                          Technical Specialist

Elon Musk                               Technical Specialist

Tony Hawk                             Ace Athlete

Yan S. Huang                         Technical Specialist

Jason Reitman                         Balanced

Choi Min-ho                            Poised Actor

Kim Jong-hyun                       Poised Actor

Topher Grace                          Standard

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