Vin: The Myth of the Cosmos
November 21, 2017 | By Auburn

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The spiritual experience of Ni in a person I call Vin, as distinct from Ni the information metabolism process.

Vin: The Myth of the Cosmos

The myth of Ni is so well known that it hardly deserves introduction. As such I will focus instead more on keenly defining this myth and hopefully removing some of the basic misconceptions surrounding it. The myth of Vin makes no distinction between matter and spirit, because to it, all is part of an unbroken chain. Just as Min holds steadfast a chain linking together elements of the ancient earth, Vin does the same but at a cosmic scale. The laws of the universe aren't separate in origin or form to all that exists within the universe. Cartesian divisions are eliminated. Energy is matter is atoms is life is consciousness is energy. Matter/Spirit is emergent from these laws just the way a fractal forms all the different layers it does at different resolutions. And one simply looks at things at different layers of resolution.

Matter/Spirit Unity

When this conclusion is assimilated into the personality... when the reality that one's consciousness is vibrationally connected to all other events in the cosmos is accepted, the experience is one of cosmic unity. It is the most naked and authentic acknowledgement of what lies behind "individual" shapes and forms. Some with this myth may come to discredit the concept of Individuality altogether, and come to see all things and people as patterns and iterations:

Like a fractal giving form and duplications:


And like with a tapestry, every "emergence" (ego/entity/object) is actually still interwoven into the whole fabric; there are no 'tears' here. All emerges from the fabric but never quite breaks away from it. And because of this vibrational origin native to everything, Vin believes persistently that everything is intimately connected to everything else.

While this can be conceptually understood by all people, those with a Vin myth experience it viscerally and see the fabric and the interwoven relationships spanning within and without everything. It is a way of existing. Curiously physics seems to be in quite a peculiar state at present where such acausally entangled phenomenon are being confirmed as real. And that the entanglement of energy/vibrations extends beyond the immediately proximal. Objects not touching each other still affect one another in apparently acausal ways.

The myth of Vin is epitomized when the individual seeks to become fully aware/awakened to all of these interconnections and integrated with them at the most intimate soulful level. In humanity, such a person often takes the form of the Guru; a shaman of the culture; a Senex:


The shaman brings awareness of our interconnectedness to everything into consciousness for the entire race -- often through ritual. With emotional inhibitions out of the way, the ego disassembles and allows merging into bliss and cosmic wholeness.

As part of this comprehension of the relational connection between everything, Vin has an appeal toward the I-Ching, the Tarot, palmistry, astrology, numerology and the like; most probably being the origin of them.

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