Hierarchy as Ontological Priority

Cognition as Phenomenology The world as it appears before us (our phenomenology) comes with implicit ontological assumptions that are predicated on our functions and functional hierarchy. Now, this phenomenology is pre-epistemic, so a person’s learned epistemic viewpoint may actually be at odds with their phenomenological reality. Cognitive type is pre-thought, which means that thoughts, as […]

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Energetic Abilities

Energetic Abilities/Talents Conscious function development, as visually determined, relates to the capability to… Pe: —– exist in real-time, —– think on your feet, —– react to change, —– be spontaneous, —– have wit/humor, —– explore, —– take in new data immediately and flow with it —– bounce back up after a disappointment Je: —– act, […]

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NiTe Definitive Vultology

NiTe Vultology visit: https://cognitivetype.com/forums/topic/nite-the-definitive-vultology/ The NiTe is one of sixteen cognitive configurations, with the functions Ni-Te-Fi-Se. However, NiTe’s can vary significantly, depending on their development. Below are the eight development levels of the NiTe. It may take up to ~1 minute to load all videos. Videos load faster on Google Chrome. NiTe l— NiTe ll– […]

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