Energetic Abilities

Energetic Abilities/Talents Conscious function development, as visually determined, relates to the capability to… Pe: —– exist in real-time, —– think on your feet, —– react to change, —– be spontaneous, —– have wit/humor, —– explore, —– take in new data immediately and flow with it —– bounce back up after a disappointment Je: —– act, […]

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NiTe Definitive Vultology

NiTe Vultology visit: https://cognitivetype.com/forums/topic/nite-the-definitive-vultology/ The NiTe is one of sixteen cognitive configurations, with the functions Ni-Te-Fi-Se. However, NiTe’s can vary significantly, depending on their development. Below are the eight development levels of the NiTe. It may take up to ~1 minute to load all videos. Videos load faster on Google Chrome. NiTe l— NiTe ll– […]

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