The Picky Princess


nce there was a picky princess. Her clothes were always pretty and her laces, shoes and dresses were always made new each day by the palace tailor. The people called her the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. She would never go out of her room without being made up – a task which took her hours every morning. But all the palace maids praised her when she came out of her room each day.

One morning the princess went out of her room to eat and her maid said “Wow, you are so beautiful princess… just look at your hair!”

“Yes but I could not get my stockings to match my dress” said the princess and went back into her room in a fluster.

The next morning the princess came out again and this time the maid said “Wow, you are so beautiful princess.. just look at your dress!”

“Yes, but my ribbons do not match it at all!” said the princess and stormed back into her room in a chill.

The next morning the princess was very hungry from not having eaten for two days and made her way to the kitchen.

“Wow, you are so beautiful princess… but what is that on your chin?” said one maid.

The princess, devastated, ran into the room, locked herself in and looked in the mirror. It was a blemish.

“Oh no no no, if I was not perfect before, …how much more hideous will I be now” she said.

Quickly she picked at it with her nails and popped it. Blood spilled out, and the blemish became red and swollen.

“Now there is a bump on my face!” she said… more devastated. And she picked at the bump with her nails to remove it. When the bump was gone, she had torn a hole on the side of her chin.

“Oh no no no, now there is a hole in my face!” she said. And so she took the powder for her face and filled the hole with it. But the powder burned her skin and caused the edges of the hole to turn yellow and ooze out puss.

“Oh no no no! Now my whole face is hideous!” she wailed and lamented. She sat in the corner of her room weeping. “My face is ruined! My face is ruined!!” she wailed over and over.

The maids heard her wailing and tried to help but could not break through the door.

“My face is ruined! My face is ruined!!” she wailed again and again until a new idea came to her mind. “Maybe if I peel my face off, a new face will grow” she thought to herself, and with her fingernails she peeled her face off.

And the palace dogs smelled the blood, burst through the door of her room and ate her face until she died.

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