Related Research
September 14, 2020 | By Auburn

This is a list of related research to Cognitive Typology by other parties that are also looking at the link between facial expressions, body mannerisms and cognition.

2021. What Does Your Gaze Reveal About You? On the Privacy Implications of Eye Tracking

2018. Eye Movements During Everyday Behavior Predict Personality Traits

2016. Action-oriented models of cognitive processing: A little less cogitation, a little more action please

2015. Just Out of Reach: On the Reliability of the Action-Sentence Compatibility Effect

2010. Cognitive Ethology: A new approach for studying human cognition

2004. The measurement of perceptual curiosity

2002. Grounding language in action

2000. Relating Personality and Behavior: Posture and Gestures

A forum exploring the connection between Jungian typology and body mannerisms.

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