September 7, 2020 | By Auburn
Native-State Energetic Toll Modulation Over-Modulation

Native-state refers to the default state of a person's cognitive architecture, specifically the computational weight of the primary energetic function, regardless of their development level. Native-state does not refer to the most energetically visible process, as this can sometimes be a function other than the primary. Modulation can cause functions other than the primary function to momentarily assume the most visibility in the body. However, the native-state function will never lose its computational weighing on the psyche and this will manifest in an energetic toll that will continually draw the person's vultology back to this default state.

Identifying Native-State via Energetic Toll

Since the native-state isn't necessarily identified by volume of signals, it has to be identified by how it is that the body moves from one energetic to another, and where the toll is located. If the body appears very buoyant and animated (Pe) most of the time, by volume, but is very quick to recede back to a central poise (Ji) at every chance, this indicates native-state Ji modulating Pe at high levels. Oppositely, if the body appears only marginally buoyant (Pe) yet always drifting gradually like a river current, and never really freezing itself down into a rigid poise, this indicates a low-energy Pe-lead. See this thread for an example discussion on Energetic Toll.

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