The End of the West


here was once a boy who asked too many questions, and his mother did not have the wits to answer him. One day, when the boy asked a difficult question the mother said to him “you will find all your answers if you go to the end of the west.”

The boy’s eyes lit up with excitement and he asked “What’s at the end of the west?”

“A giant castle filled with jewels of every color” she said. “Therein lives a man who knows everything.”

So the boy rode his horse to the west for days until he arrived at a large gated city where he saw a beautiful castle furnished with gems of all colors, and his heart jumped with joy.

“Is this the end of the west?” he asked the palace men, who replied: “No, further west there is a village where elephants dance on strings and men battle against lions.”

Excited, the boy rode west and came across a traveling circus on the outskirts of a village. There he saw jugglers juggling torches, elephants stacked atop of elephants, and seals that could count to ten.

As he gazed in awe at the jugglers, the boy asked a circus clown “Is this the end of the west?”

“No” said the clown. “Further west there is an ocean with sea monsters as big as the largest ships. Across that ocean is a town where people have learned to fly.”

The boy was not afraid of the sea monsters, and he quickly sold his horse and found room aboard a ship to cross the ocean.

The fishermen told him stories of sharks, giant squids and whales twice the size of their ship. And when the ship arrived into town, the boy saw dozens of hot air balloons hovering in the sky. Shocked at how people had learned to fly like birds, the boy asked with amazement “Is this the end of the west?” And the fishermen said “No my boy, but by riding those you can go as far west as the eye can see.”

So the boy went into town, gathered all his money to buy his own hot air balloon and he flew off into the west. And wherever he went, stories of the boy’s travels spread back to his mother. But word has not yet gotten back as to how far west the boy went. Many say the boy continues to journey west even to this day.

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