Pi-4: Worldview Rambling

Audible Description

The person will engage in a monologue or “ramble” where they drift from one topic to the next seamlessly and without pause or interruption. The distinguishing quality of a Pi ramble is an absence of focus or conclusiveness (J) to their elaborations. The activity is instead an undirected free-flowing broadcast of information as it organically populates into the psyche, for the mere purpose of sharing inner contents. The person drifts between a plethora of topics, revealing by it the way their private paradigm is interwoven.

Psychology Description

This signal reveals a psyche presently engaged in perception-surfing; navigating through the sea of memory and revealing along the way the imagery and impressions that constitute their psychological landscape. This signal reveals a psyche with a strong tendency to hoard information; collecting data (perhaps concepts, and often physical objects) into voluminous mental and physical libraries. They will show a tendency to associate every new event encountered to a pre-existing paradigm; identifying where within their landscape a given bit of information fits and using that to weave together a global perspective.

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