Ji-3: Exerted Push

Visual Description

Starting from a place of receding energy, the body attempts to push out a gesticulation (Je) while remaining delicate and tentative. This gesture will emerge from a rigid yet technical place, often with meticulous fingers, soft wrists and a pointed specificity.

Unlike a normal gesticulation, there is a degree of restraint applied to this angular expression. The arms will stay closer to the torso instead of projecting outward, and will shrivel back toward the body with ease. Rather than flowing boldly outward from one gesture to another, there is hesitation in each gesture, with an almost stuttering quality embedded in their delivery.

Psychology Description

This signal reveals an introverted psychology which is attempting to externalize, for a moment, a very particular conviction or position. The lack of energy and follow-through in their articulation is reflective of a personality that is contained, and which only dips into the realm of rhetoric for important clarification or communication. This person will be concerned with accuracy and perfection, whether in their own performance or in the conception of ideas.

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