Ji-2: Disengaging Eyes

Visual Description

The body becomes rigid, inward turned and the eyes disengage from the environment. The eyes will loose all interest in their surroundings, and will fall downward, often coming to a complete close. As a less pronounced version of this signal, the eyes may also disengage in a series of successions, causing excessive blinking to occur.

Psychology Description

This signal reveals a psychology that is deeply removed from the external environment, and has retreated into the realm of private introspection. Such a person will hold particular ideas in mind which are self-created, self-held and independent of the outer world’s alignment or misalignment to those thoughts. A person who continually displays this signal will have a keen selectivity – whether conceptually, semantically or ethically – and will strive to have self-created ideas and arrive at all of their conclusions from axiomatic principles.

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