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  • Alice
    • Type: FiSe
    • Development: ll--
    • F Attitude: Unseelie

    CT posits that we have been typed accurately, with proof that we use a certain style of cognition. What sorts of effects has this had on your life?

    Personally, knowing my type and dev level, I now understand my own sensuality better, along with my deep sensitivity to sensation, emotion, and connection. I now understand that I am not alone in my sensitivities and predisposition to addiction, and that there are other people who experience the world the same way I do. That is deeply comforting, I think! I’ve always had trouble finding people to really relate to, but maybe now, I’m realizing that there’s all sorts of people who have similar cognitive styles out there! We all just look different on the surface 🙂

    How has this all affected your lives and outlooks? Has it brought you comfort, or something else?

    • Type: FiNe
    • Development: ll--
    • F Attitude: Unseelie

    Very interesting question! I imagine that it will affect me in different and changing ways over time. I thought for years that I was an INTP, and when I came here I was typed as FiNe. It seems that FiNe’s and TiNe’s have quite a bit in common, so a lot of the ideas I had about myself still made sense, but some of them have changed. The main thing I’ve noticed so far is an opening up and increased acceptance of my sensitivity. I’ve always been very sensitive, and when I was a kid I cried very easily. That wasn’t something I liked about myself and it wasn’t very socially convenient, so I kind of shut that down. The sensitivity didn’t really go away, but it was sort of repressed. I was already in the process of trying to be more accepting of my emotions before I found CT, but realizing that I’m an Fi-lead has changed the way I view the process. I previously thought I was a Ti-lead, so I thought that my pattern of immediately detaching from my emotions to logically analyze them was just a part of my wiring. I still wanted to learn how to process them better, but I was coming at it from the mindset of learning a skill I didn’t have a natural talent for. Now I think about it moreso as accepting who I truly am and accepting that sensitive little kid I used to be. I do appreciate being able to stop myself from crying in front of strangers, but I also need to allow that sensitive part of myself to do its thing every once in a while if I want to be a whole person.

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