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    Mandy Horine
    • Type: TeSi
    • Development: l-ll
    • Attitude: Unseelie

    One of my current type options is the same as @ladynerdsky, FiNe ll-l unseelie. I thought it might be helpful to reply here with my responses. This is my first forum post so forgive me if it’s crap lol.
    -@ladynerdsky talks about sensing the vibes of a room/person but not becoming swept up in them. I relate to a degree. I can, though, become extremely emotional and enraged for others. It’s especially difficult for me if I’m watching something in front of me, like a terrible video or physical confrontation. I’ve jumped into the middle of a fight because my emotions for the best of me. I don’t consider myself “academic” in considering why I’m feeling the way I feel. I don’t do that.
    -I don’t want to leave when others get emotional. They don’t make me uncomfortable whatsoever. If it’s a confrontation between others, I more have an urge to jump in and help the side I feel is right or defend the person getting attacked. I have done it many times. I don’t psychoanalyse and I don’t mind others leaning on me for emotions support.
    -I do enjoy personality psychology for myself and those close to me. Not so much strangers though.
    -I do NOT have strong emotional control. I am not logical or self-contained.
    -I’m not private about my feelings and I will talk your ear off about them. I don’t cry often, but was chastised and yelled at for crying as a child so it’s hard for me to break that barrier. I will 100% express my emotions, and the flood gates will break somewhat often if the situation is heated.
    -I enjoy many things that fall under “public consensus.” It can take me a bit longer to jump on board with certain things because I do want to try them out myself and think it over first.
    -I can be controlling but not perfectionistic. I wouldn’t say I’m meticulous and I would never rearrange a room without asking someone unless it was my husband and half the time I ask anyway.
    -I’m not that hard on myself. Again, not a perfectionist.
    -I definitely have my own ideas about life’s values although I have chosen to follow many of life’s “traditions” like marriage, kids, owning a home, etc. I won’t do something just because it’s expected of me though. And I’m more likely to push back if I feel it’s being forced. I agree with the “you do you” philosophy.
    -I need a lot of input to make decisions. I need to sit on it for awhile usually too. Not think on it per say, but just give it time. I have a tendency to get super excited about things and so I like to give myself time before I consider it again to make sure it’s what I really want.
    -I think people would describe me as: bubbly, fun, loud, caring, bitchy, passionate, critical, talkative, outgoing, playful, generous, enjoys new things and adventures, goal setter, fashionable, kind, impatient, confrontational, has a temper.
    I related to these from @ladynerdsky: “principled, honest, maybe hard-working, thoughtful, intelligent, acts with integrity, pessimist, maybe truth seeking, opinionated, difficult to please.”
    I hope this is helpful.

    • Type: FiNe
    • Development: ll-l
    • Attitude: Unseelie

    Hi @mandy-horine I've just seen your latest typing as TeSi and I think it makes more sense than FiNe. Based on some of what you've written above that contrasts with my experience plus what I "know" about you from other online typology groups we're in together I just never got the sense that you were a Ji-lead or Fi-lead. Definitely saw that unseelie Te sass coming through 😀 It's really interesting, because you (TeSi I-II), me (FiNe II-I) and @jessica-visher (NeFi III-) have the same 3 cognitive functions conscious, and all of us are unseelie, but I can perceive how the order of the functions changes presentation. I'm not sure what questions to ask to dig into how our same but different functions manifest deeper, but it's an interesting contrast.

    Jessica Visher
    • Type: NeFi
    • Development: lll-
    • Attitude: Unseelie

    @mandy-horine that's cool you got typed! One of the things I have noticed is how different two types can seem if one has the lower functions conscious and the others do not. If you are a TeSi I-II you probably won't meet another TeSi like you. That's not a "typical" development level. My husband is a SiTe II-I and you would NEVER think he was Si dom. Because of that Ne he can't do routine (really wants to though), is constantly getting whisked away by novelty, information holes, and large hours spent in conversations about philosophy, etc. It was SUPER hard to type him because he almost looks like the exact opposite of a "ISTJ."
    I would have never considered myself a NeFi because I have this drive (Te conscious) that others don't. Or they don't have my introverted world (Fi conscious). Having those functions conscious over a life time really makes differences.
    Also I had an ego fixation (there's an article in here somewhere about ego fixations), so that's why I mistyped myself as a Fi dom. I am just obsessed and find that function fascinating so I identified myself with it but it's not the function I lead with.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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