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    Thanks Septimus.
    Yeah it sometimes happens that Te-leads learn to be a bit more suave with their gestures and less Te-snappy. This is why hand gestures have a somewhat lower signal priority than face/mouth cues, due to their stronger possibility of modification by life training. But in GIFs like this we can see Ashley Judd's Te quite clearly both in hands and face:


    ^ Te Plateau Emphasis (head shake) + Fi Asymmetrical Mouth + Te Taut Square Cheeks


    ^ Here we see a Te Plateau Emphasis  with a rise to a high velocity as her head shakes & hands gesture, an asymmetrical Fi expression (to the upper right), a Te taut square cheek effect and Te's horizontal splitting of the cheeks. Sometimes it helps to look for convergent moments like this that really could not be replicated in their entirety by the opposite type in question. 🙂

    - That's a very curious point because at the time I thought Madonna was TeNi and was referencing her in that sentence. But it turned out she was FiSe! And having come across more FiSe's now, I am more inclined to say that quote would be better modified to just FiSe or perhaps FiSe & SeFi.
    The TeNi's don't embody the emotional register in the most complete sense, but they do defend it using a chivalrous relationship to their own Fi (vis-a-vis Te White Knight). But they are not themselves the "manifested essence" of the emotional register the way FiSe's can truly be (such as Kate Bush, Bjork, Madonna, etc).

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    Fantastic work! I'm very impressed!

Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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