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    This board is so empty :p

    Time to fill it up with my rants!

    (Shut me up if I start to ramble, kay? XD)

    So y’know that sweetener that you see more and more in ingredient lists that was said to be a safer alternative to aspartame? It’s called sucralose and actually you’re better off eating the aspartame unless you’re sensitive to phenylalanine >.<

    In recent studies sucralose was shown to prevent the proper metabolism of carbohydrates, essentially causing insulin resistance (the precursor to type II diabetes if you didn’t already know). This effect was only observed when the chemical was consumed with carbohydrates, but sucralose is often times added to baked goods and other carbohydrate laden things, and the fact that the stuff will linger in your digestive tract for a while makes it a bad bet if you don’t wanna end up with a damaged metabolism.

    Another fun fact, the keto diet that’s all the rage these days is actually really bad for you too. While it’s important to get enough of the good kinds of fat in your diet, eating an excess of 60 grams per day causes an inflammatory state in your cells. Which leads to premature aging, cholesterol buildup in the arteries and (again) metabolic syndrome.

    Also it’s been found the consumption of dairy products increases the risk of breast (and likely other types of) cancer. A study was conducted that followed three groups of women over an extended period of time: vegans, vegetarians who ate some milk products, and people who consumed dairy on a regular basis. By the end of the study it was found that the women who ate the most milk had an 80% increase in breast cancer! Those that only ate it sometimes had a 30-60% increase, and the vegans had the lowest rates. Those ‘Got Milk?’ ads certainly were misleading :/

    And don’t get me started on protein powder! D: friggen toxic capitalism has allowed these fitness supplement companies to recommend eating insane amounts of protein! You only need 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day, slightly more if you do extensive exercise. More than that and you overload the delicate structure of your kidneys, which are the organs that have to filter all the protein you eat and the waste products produced by its metabolism. And protein powders are especially unhealthy, they lack all the other essential nutrients and cofactors that’re found in wholefood sources. To compensate for this, often times they are ‘enriched’ with shit tons of B vitamins, which are also hard on your kidneys and liver in excess! That’s not even to mention the added inorganic phosphates and sugars that’re put in the mix, which make these protein powders about the most toxic thing imaginable for your filtering organs besides NSAIDs and alcohol 😡

    Also frying stuff produces advanced glycation end products (AGEs), especially if you’re frying meat or dairy products.  According to this nifty article, “Dietary advanced glycation end products (dAGEs) are known to contribute to increased oxidant stress and inflammation, which are linked to the recent epidemics of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

    On a positive note, Chinese Medicine actually offers a lot of herbs which can help with metabolic, cardiovascular, liver and kidney disorders. Also Russia’s medical system rocks, their pharmacies produce quite a few natural supplements that are curative alternatives to the synthetic drugs produced in the US and other consumerism-based societies.


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    Nice. I actually just noticed there was sucralose in a protein bar I ate the other day, and then I was upset about it, found an article about how bad artificial sweeteners are for your gut, and tweeted it. I know I should stop eating those things, but they are addictive. Though, I can tell that when I eat non-fermented dairy and artificial sweeteners my symptoms get worse.
    Interestingly, I have tried the keto diet before, over a year ago, and I noticed it significantly boosted my mood. However I wasn’t really sticking to healthy foods then, just that the carbohydrates were low. And now I was thinking of doing a healthier version of it, for my gut issues.
    But I would think, if you stick to a diet something like outlined here and not eat way too much fat, it would be good. or?

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    Yeah that’s actually a good point, the keto diet can be healthy if you do it right. But a lot of the time people end up living off too much fat and meat, and usually pre-packaged ‘keto’ foods are packed with fat and often artificial sweeteners as well. That’s a good article though, it emphasizes eating vegetables which is healthy of course 🙂

    I actually have dealt with leaky gut and a lot of digestive problems myself. That sort of thing certainly can effect mood! If you have a microbial overgrowth, it would make sense that removing carbs from your diet helps. In that case prebiotic fibers (FOS/FODMAP) should be avoided as well though, and you might consider taking antimicrobials such as oregano oil, berberine, etc. Have you ever tried bone broth? That’s something that can help seal the gut wall. Megasporebiotic is a great probiotic for altering the microbiome to a healthier state as well.

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