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  • Auburn
    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: l--l
    • Attitude: Adaptive

    Hey hey!

    In all the hustle & bustle of writing articles about Redefining N/S/T/F and building the model (2), I have not posted a Patreon soft readings thread in a while now, so it’s definitely overdue! For those who don’t know this is the current pending list (see the second tab/sheet at the bottom). All samples will be read it time. I go through the list proportionally, checking off the same number of readings from each patreon member at a time. 🙂

    The aim is to get the database up to 1,000 cleaned samples – and the samples suggested here will most likely make it into the database after the videos are prepared. This also helps partially combat biased selection, since the database samples are not coming just from my pool of knowledge, but from the community’s. And there’s often really interesting people. o_o So thank you guys for your suggestions.

    Okay, here goes!

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    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: l--l
    • Attitude: Adaptive

    Georges Bataille


    It looks like we have another person with a very fallen affect here, and like the others, he’s also interested in rather dark and taboo topics.

    His writing, which included essays, novels, and poetry, explored such subjects as erotism, mysticism, surrealism, and transgression. His work would prove influential on subsequent schools of philosophy and social theory, including poststructuralism.

    He also seems to be another high-Si novelist/writer. High-Si’s are quite well represented in this field, from what the data shows. As for his type:

    He appears Alpha, and is either SiFe or FeSi, but I think SiFe may be correct.

    Here we can see his Eye-Centricity:



    ^ Pi Fixed Forward Gaze + Je Head Pushes


    ^ Pi Fixed Forward Gaze + Je Head Nods/Pushes

    ^ His head is leaning/bending forward, guided by his gaze. He has a fixed forward gaze, and is hunched, like his head is projecting his neck outward very much like SiTe Jeff Bezos.

    But we can also tell he’s likely SiFe and not FeSi by looking at his use of Je in gesticulations:


    ^ Je Gesticulation + P Subordinate Judgment

    Here we see a subordinate judgment signal, where the hands give out a Je projection while lacking the structure and impact. The hands have more horizontality than verticality, and lack rigidity.

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: SiFe ll– Directive + Fallen Affect
    • Less likely: FeSi ll– Directive + Fallen Affect


    Martha Graham


    This one’s got a bit less footage to work with, and low resolution. I checked all the videos I could find of her when she’s young too, and I’m fairly certain she’s Ni-lead.

    As has become more and more clear to me, pure Ni vultology is not chiefly defined by “sharpness” and raised outer edges, but very much follows the same sort of arched pattern that we see in Ni, but with the lowering of the eyelids and raising of the brow off the eyes.

    She also has a lot of Conductor conscientiousness, work-focus, and is a total boss. As for her J axis, I feel somewhat confident that she is Te/Fi:

    ^ She has many asymmetrical mouth movements, wobbling, and taut square effects.

    She also fits the Gamma energy in many ways. Her artwork has that candid intensity of Gamma types, and stark colors with sharp contrasts. She has somewhat of a militant Te+Ni approach, but for the sake of expressing vivid Fi+Se radiation effortlessly.

    Margin of Error

    • Most likely: NiTe Unseelie
    • Less likely: NiFe
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    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: l--l
    • Attitude: Adaptive

    Joaquin Phoenix


    The first thing that stands out to me about Joaquin is Beta type. Although he may sometimes seem to have an upward lift of the lip, it’s actually due to this:

    Joaquin Phoenix was born with what looks like a type of scar between his lip and nose. It’s actually a microform cleft, the mildest form of cleft lip. It typically appears as a scar or notch.

    It’s a cleft lip. But when we see his talk,  his mouth movements are symmetrical, his smiles are largely zygomatic and his gestures have warm swelling.

    ^ Beta

    As for his energetics, I am fairly sure he’s P-lead, and am leaning towards Pe-lead. He looks more Pi now that he’s older but this was him before:

    Some GIFs of what’s in the video:


    ^ P Fluid Body & P Eye-Centricity


    ^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + P Eye-Centricity (Se locked-on) + Je Gesticulation


    ^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Je Gesticulation (+ subordinate J)


    ^ Ni Zoned-Out Stare / Pi Drifting

    His development seems to be non-standard, but I don’t know, from a first impression, what exactly it is. But it seems Ni may be conscious. Perhaps Fe too but that seems less strong to me.

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: SeTi l–l, SeTi l-ll
    • Less likely: NiFe l–l
    • Unlikely: Other Beta

    Sidenote: He’s a really great actor and he really “transforms” with his roles. It’s hard to judge his type based on his movie roles, huh.

    Amy Adams


    Amy Adams was a bit confusing to me before, but less so now that we have disentangled agreeableness from Fe and Fi.

    ^ Te Taut Square

    ^ Fi Wobbling Lips + Te Taut Square Cheeks & Fi Snarling Smile

    I believe she’s another agreeable/seelie TeSi.


    ^ Fi Asymmetrical Mouth + Te Sassy Emphasis + Te Sassy Head Shakes (+ Je Pointed Emphasis)


    ^ Te Plateau Velocity + Te Sassy Emphasis

    I was debating FeSi at first because she does a lot of courteous gestures, she’s poised and “nice”, and very “proper.” But It’s not impossible for Te-lead women to behave this way too, and we have enough samples of that shade by now.  She gives me some Tina Fey vibes in terms of her playfulness, but her seelie energy is actually closer to Gwynne Shotwell, I think.

    (Also, a bit random but: “she has placed three times in annual rankings of the highest-paid actresses in the world” – Te business-savviness? o_o Dayum, Te-leads tend to know how to negotiate their salaries and pay well.)

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: TeSi Seelie
    • Less likely: FeSi Adaptive
    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: l--l
    • Attitude: Adaptive

    Serj Tankian


    The most tricky part about this guy is telling if he’s Alpha or Beta. But I’m mostly sure he is Alpha:

    ^ He does many Ne Quirky Perk-Ups, facial parodies, etc. He has Naive Eyes, a Relaxed Eye Area, etc.

    And energetically:



    ^ P Eye-Centric + Pe Perk Ups + Ne Naive Eyes + Ne Balloon Energy


    ^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Pe Perk Up

    Later in life he seems to have developed more Fe in vultology as well as focus, making him appear FeSi. He’s now doing political activist work. But I would leave FeSi open as a possibility nonetheless.

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: NeTi l-l-
    • Less likely: FeSi l-l-, SeTi l-l-
    • Unlikely: Anything Else

    Jack White


    The most apparent thing about Jack White is his Se. We can see Se and Pe vultology in many places, such as at:


    ^ Pe Body Swaying + Se Eye-Head Parallel Motions + Se Bodily Awareness


    ^ Pe Casual Hands + P Eye-Centricity

    These GIFs and others show his fluidity of body, the dominance of his gaze, and his casual hands + pendulum swaying. Se-lead seems clear from here. But there are also times when he shows stronger Ji usage:


    ^ Ji Momentum Halting


    ^ Ji+Je

    I think he’s Se ll– in development.

    As for his J axis, I am not wholly decided on it but I think he may be SeTi ll–. I vaguely remember my first impression of him, years ago, was SeFi. But I think this was over-biased towards a pinched nose area anatomy — which is a signal that’s being phased out due to so many false positives for Fi. In any case, SeFi is still within the margin of error:

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: SeTi ll–
    • Less Likely: SeFi ll–
    • Unlikely: Other dev level of Se-lead.
    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: ll--
    • Attitude: Directive

    Interesting about Joaquin Phoenix’s scar. I have a similar scar on my upper lip under my nose, which is from my bike crash. My lip was completely split open and my upper mouth and teeth were literally smashed in, requiring corrective oral surgery, and several stiches on my lip. So I have some nerve damage. This most likely the reason I have wobbly/asymmetrical lips sometimes.

    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: l--l
    • Attitude: Adaptive

    Anne L MacDonald


    I’m not entirely sure if this is the celeb you had in mind, since there are several under this name. But even if this isn’t her, she seems interesting enough to type! 😀

    ^ Taut Square Cheeks (+ Possibly Ni/Se Tension)

    Looking at this video, MacDonald is a solid Te-lead example:

    Abundant Snippy Head Shakes, Sassy Emphasis, Plateau Velocity, Taut Square Cheeks, etc.

    But what’s really interesting to me is her cognitive focus. Like so many Te-lead women, she is quick to recognize the dissonance between the agency she knows women can have, and what the rest of the world seems to see. She fits into the Te-lead feminist category, I think, and wrote books such as:


    Heh! These books are so Te it hurts. The first one “How Women Inventors Changed America” shows the mechanically-minded focus of Te, in tandem with Je agency.

    For the second book “No Idle Hands” she gives a history of women’s knitting, elevating its value and role in American life. From Amazon:

    Here is the Colonial woman for whom idleness was a sin, and her Victorian counterpart, who enjoyed the pleasure of knitting while visiting with friends; the war wife eager to provide her man with warmth and comfort, and the modern woman busy creating fashionable handknits for herself and her family.

    It appears to me that she aspired to write about how women had power and agency, and that their deeds — even things like knitting — were essential to the functionality of society. And once again here we see the mechanical focus on causality, for the benefit of all.

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: TeNi
    • Less likely: TeSi

    Patricia Arquette


    The clearest thing to me about Patricia is J-lead with Ni/Se. A bit more confidently, I think JiSe l–l.


    ^ Ji Meticulous Hands + Ji Delicate Pinching


    ^ Ji Exerted Push + Ji Eyes Disengage Down + Fi Snarling (?)

    I feel relatively confident about JiSe with development in Je, but right off the bat I can’t tell if she’s Fi/Te or Ti/Fe. She seems to have some signal mixing, with a warm swelling gesturing pattern, but mouth asymmetries.

    It could be that, as we’ve seen with Fi l–l types already, the integration of Je causes it to appear like warm swelling due to Ji’s exerted push and more “rounded-out” impacts. But this is not a fully satisfactory rationalization. So for now I’ll just leave it open as JiSe l–l, and add her to the Signal Mixed samples.

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: FiSe l–l, TiSe l–l
    • Less likely: JeNi l–l
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    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: l--l
    • Attitude: Adaptive

    Min Yoongi


    This guy is so Se-lead:


    ^ P Eye-Centric + P Fluid Body + Se Eye-Head Parallel Motion + Pe Body Swaying + Pe Bubbling Momentum


    ^ Se Taut Eye Area + Se Raised Outer Edges + Se Bodily Awareness

    The only question here is whether he’s SeTi or SeFi.

    It’s a bit hard to tell but I do think we see mouth asymmetries and in his case even his gestures/movements carry Te’s dismissiveness and snippiness. I think he may also be standard development. He’s very chill and doesn’t seem to modulate Je or any other functions very heavily, across a few interviews I saw.

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: SeFi l—
    • Less likely: SeTi l—

    J Hope


    I think J Hope is an example of how Ne eyes look on a very Asian facial anatomy.

    Here’s a collage:

    ^ Notice the squishiness below his eyes, and how easily his smile enters the eye area without any tension pushing back against it. And notice how, despite the monolid, his eyes themselves are “bright” from having a taut pretarsal (eyelid) area.

    But on top of that we also see Ne eye-movements, such as:


    ^ Ne’s Wandering Eyes + Ne Balloon Effect

    As for his J axis:

    I haven’t had the closest look but I think he’s Fi/Te.

    He’s also got a Delta vibe to me somehow. Maybe it’s the room in the background with all the figurines and nerdy trinkets! 😀

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: NeFi l—
    • Less likely: NeTi l—
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    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: l--l
    • Attitude: Adaptive

    Laura Pitko


    Kay! So @teatime I’m gonna include these two requests in the soft readings. 🙂

    Here we have Laura Pitko, as she appears in her latest videos:

    Gamma is immediately clear for this girl, and there’s clearly a lot of Te usage. She has a very mechanically-minded focus, and is a classic Te systems optimizer and Gamma meritocrat. My initial thought for her was TeNi from her latest videos (where her Te is very much on display) but that might not be right.

    Her videos over the years are very edited, often times with cuts as short as a few seconds, and they don’t leave any room for pauses. All pauses seem to be taken out. Therefore it seems like what we’re looking at is a final, polished presentation that is biased towards Te. I couldn’t find any interviews she has, so we have to do some investigative work on some of her older videos and see if maybe she’s less polished with her editing skills. Q & A videos are great for this sort of thing, because it mimics a conversion format more.

    I don’t have the timestamps for these (cuz I had to cut the video up) but here are some GIFs we see:

    ^ Ji Meticulous Hands & Ji Receding Energy (+ slight Pe Bubbling Momentum)

    ^ Je Gesticulations (look subordinate, not native-state) + Ji Meticulous Hands

    ^ Ji Meticulous Hands  (gangly, outstretched fingers)

    Still, it’s pretty hard to find even moments like this, so although I suspect she’s some sort of Gamma reviser over-modulating, until she makes an interview video I can’t quite overpower the information leaning towards Te lead with enough confidence. She could be a TeNi with some moderate reviser development. But in either case, the Gamma meritocrat shade is solid here.

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: TeNi
    • Less Likely: FiSe ll-l, SeFi lll-

    Jaron Lanier


    Ah, this guy. Yes. Pe + Je conscious definitely. We can see this here:


    ^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Pe Body Swaying …with Je thrown in there at an angle

    Here’s a Pe-lead with strong Je, but it still does not break the P-lead eye-centricity and the subordinate use of his Judgment:


    ^ Pe Casual Hands + Pe Bubbling Momentum + Je Gesticulations (with P Subordinate Judgment)


    ^ Pe Casual Hands + Pe Bubbling Momentum + Je Head Shakes / Gesticulations (with P Subordinate Judgment)


    ^ Notice the failed impact here


    ^ He also has some degree of Ji momentum halting and meticulousess, but I would say it’s somewhat below conscious.

    I think this guy is SeFi l-l- as a baseline, but he does have fair use of both Fi and Ni, at different times. His eyes are very hypnotic and he had a lot of forward attention. However, his use of Se and Te is the most strong. I haven’t looked at enough videos to discern what his “full” development is, but SeFi l-l- is a minimum.

    Margin of Error:

    • Most likely: SeFi l-l-
    • Less likely: SeFi of other dev (l-ll, lll-, llll)
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