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  • fayest42
    • Type: FiNe
    • Development: ll--
    • Attitude: Unseelie

    Hi, seelie folks. I’m hoping you can share some information with me about how you handle emotions, particularly difficult ones. Over the last year or so I’ve been working on trying to understand what a healthy way of handling emotions is. What I’ve seen recommended is to acknowledge them, accept them, and let them pass. What I’ve noticed that I tend to do instead is to essentially shut off my emotions and switch to a logical analysis of the situation. When I’ve tried to follow the recommended method, I sometimes run into a problem – if I just sit and observe my emotions, they don’t necessarily pass. Sometimes they get “stuck.” And then the only way I know of to move on is to shut down and “harden my heart.” I think this must be what Auburn was getting at when he wrote that unseelie signals appear  “when a person has a calloused relationship to their own heart, and a closed channel to their own inner frailty.” I don’t think this is a healthy pattern for me because it tends to make me cold and without compassion. Since seelie people presumably don’t “close the channel to their inner frailty,” I’m wondering what they do instead. How do you move on from painful emotions to keep living your lives while keeping that emotional channel open?

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