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    Got a question.

    On how do CT behave when there is talk about nervous system issues. There is a lifelong quest, which, has brought me to always search for something without any clue what I want, what I look for, who to ask or where to find anything. Always, looking, hoping, for one day finding out… What happens to someone dear to me.

    I randomly saw a video on youtube, totally on accident, and continued watch 2-3 videos, and*blam*, there it was. Dysautonomia, POTS, and Ehler-Danlos. Three overlapping, similar and often, co-morbid issues. I saw and saw a video where a Ti-Fe MBTI (and CT) person talk about what, I realized could be my life’s mystery. I found my mystery in a typology series of videos, random video while eating.

    Basically, I recognized immediately that, some of the disease signs were characters I recognized in me, and got interested in the Myers-Briggs due to seeing it crossing paths with, my life long quest for figuring out what had happened to my relative. A lifelong quest for, some strangeness, ended. And I never need ask what it is, again.

    Basically, I, got some Dysautonomia and pots signs, and is hyper flexible to the point of sub-locating arms, partially dislocations, causing pain, and similarly have sublocated knee, hip, fingers, etc. This causes long term pain, is damaging, and while hyper mobile people can do party tricks, as crazy bends with their fingers, It’s not recommended, but I see an eerie similarity to some Ti lead or Ti people in the database and the basic EDS symptoms.


    I realized I should ask about it, when I today, figured out, if a person is slightly uncoordinated due to dysautonomia, shaking, rattling, waving, the signs would be Te signs.

    So… My thought is, I am perplexed, and thoughtful about if I even should ask about this, since I am almost perfectly fine. I do not count light headedness, dysautonomia and sub-locations as an issue, if I can function, work, and be fine. Since the listed EDS, can be among the most painfull conditions you can have.  Is this… Affecting the CT method? Causing strange disjointed results, or, would this be of no concern for the profiles, after all?

    • Type: NeFi
    • Development: ll-l
    • Attitude: Seelie

    Ok, making a list of obvious points I wonder about:

    Ji-4 halting: EDS / Dysautonomia, seems I do it naturally anyway. Trying to get Je, I posted a Youtube video in Discord where I basically seems to freeze, loose all momentum and train of thought, looks like I almost blacks out.

    Fi-1 to Fi-3: Not sure, but pain can cause facial tension.

    Fi-7: Contempt. motoric dysfunctions, pain, etc.

    Ti-4: Same as Ji, should be possible to spot the difference.

    Ti-7: Some of the images look like EDS people, but also, people with some issue would quickly figure out these kinds of moves is not always wise. As in causing permanent disability, pain and issues for some.

    Ti-8 Technical stuttering Ti-9: glitching. Do not think this is an illness, personally just a defect I have tried counteracting, to the degree I can. Even to the point of redoing type videos to get rid of them (didn’t know it was part of the system). Typically quite embarrassing since for me, might follow with halting, lapse of chain of thought, going from animated to just freezing, etc.

    Je: Fe vs Te

    Bear like hands: Have to be a given, if you try not hurting yourself. Not sure personally.

    The Sass vs coordinated emphasis: No way to know. All I know is nobody in discord has seen clearly if I got the one or the other.

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