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    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: lll-
    • Attitude: Unseelie


     I just happen to have a fetish.. perhaps call it a quasi-narcissistic fetish ;p

    Hahaha this made me laugh 😀 I get it though. I’m certainly not immune to this myself. ;D

    actually my partner is primarily attracted to TeNi and SeFi women 😉

    Seriously? I had no idea that (when I was single) I would have stood a chance with any TiNe. Good to know! Hahaha.

     I’d say she’s pretty ideal (straight as a pin tho, unfortunately for yours truly :/) It seems like TiSe women tend to be pretty in a classic way, and have an exceptional sense of style to compliment their appearance. And they tend to be smart as well..

    Ahh shucks on her being straight as a pin. 🙁  She is really really really stunning. Wow.  Yes, she’s a perfect example of very feminine TiSe woman.  @Ivory also attracts attention like that. Everywhere we go, people tell him he’s gorgeous and he should model. Including men (perhaps even more often men). He’s so graceful and gorgeous and well dressed and poised … to the point that it’s a talking piece. But he definitely is not “masculine man.” He’s not feminine either per se… he’s just .. him. Beyond the dichotomy. People often say he’s pure, angelic. I feel like that can happen with some TiSe’s for some reason. An elevated quality??

     I think to some extent it doesn’t really matter, but as you say when you get to a deeper level of, say, making sense of the other person’s thoughts, the difference in how things are pieced together can be confusing.

    Yeah exactly! I’m sure that younger me could have fallen in love with a TiNe (probably not the other Alphas though.. they’re just too far outside my range of taste.. though I can love them as friends). I feel like the hardest part would be getting over some initial humps in communication — although I never had a problem communicating with you– but we were not trying to solve relationship issues between us, haha. That is already difficult even with someone who speaks your language, let alone with someone who might interpret it completely differently. But once that trust was there – if there was love and attraction – I really don’t see why it would matter that much.

    But yeah, TiSe’s do tend to be a lot sexier than TiNe’s, not to mention socially savvy 😅 I think you hit the nail on the head when you say we’re cute, Ne is definitely more on the cute side, while Se is sexy and badass!

    Hehe yeah, it’s something like that. Hmm. I tell Ivory that he’s cute all the time but other people read him as “cool” and “angelic/pure” and “like a model.” So I guess that’s closer to sexy and badass. But he is still a dorkus 😉 on some level. .. because he’s a homebody, shy, keeps to himself, sharp minded and asocial, etc.  That is probably the appeal of TiSe and why they’re known by many to be the hottest type… they have this sharp mind and retention which makes them hard to get; yet they still have the gloss and ‘cool’ of Beta.

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