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Um… My post basically makes no sense. Which Is why I posted my understanding before I decided not to. If the world gives me a beating, I seek refuge in my core being, turn a bit unemotional, but continues operate on automata, doing what I can. This is the most dysfunctional, and a bit of my strongest side in a way?

The CT system.. Is good, but the description, imagination and experiencing a thing is very different. In some ways Socionics is way better in actually describing, due to only being descriptive and omit details of common psychology, but therefore also being a bit more useful for recognizing what is going on. I know what Pi and Pe is, and the feel, the innate feel of the oscillations.

Ji and Je… The solution to what you describe lies within it’s oposition, Je. There is FiNe women on youtube doing Fi – Te stuff everywhere, from Tibees the math nerd to (I think) Mindmastery, the Unseelie Jungian Psychologist personality coach, giving coaching classes to people and doing vids  on psychology. Some of the “Cognitive” systems as MBTI is a bit broken, so the YTers fail to “find” their type, which, imho, is not a failure of typing, or self-discovery. But the system. If it’s broken enough, it hurts them if they “find” their true type.

  • Fi-Te is a nice psychologist. Ti-Fe is a nice Psychologist

The only way out of “Ji”, any Ji, is Je. The difference is a bit artificial, due to it being a theory, a model. Real humans is more complex. CT is quite open about humans growing and becoming something more, though still seemingly a bit “rigid”, which is.. Good and bad. True comprehension of CT don’t hurt, I suspect MBTI might. But I see analytical comprehension is useless and futile if it got no.. Purpose. My own curiosity is the truth, I want to find the truth of this, since it might be useful for me. Look at the YT channel of the unseelie FiNe MindMastery, and see the nice girl who believe she is INFJ, and rightly, benefit. Several of the Jungian systems seems broken, not in an analytical sense, but in a sense of humanity, taking care, nurture, having goals, purposes, guide and make people grow.

Basically: MBTI messes with people who think too much, or put their faith in it, if they truly think they are X, Y or Z. The basic R&H Enneagram is too broken to be dangerous, the Jungian systems…

In order to comprehend Pe, Pi or Ji I had to start discard the entire type, typing, system, and find my truth myself. Follow my heart, see where my goals and ambitions lie, follow myself, my logic, my feelings. It’s the only way to comprehend how the typing works, as far I see it. I as a person is more… Continental, as in Kantian moral or a bit Descartes ish in some aspects, far from the Analytical Philosophy Ive used actively. Existentialism is the weirdest, oddest philosophy I have ever read.

Ok, one example. The religions of the Judeo-Christian world got a fixation on symbolism of unity, purity, ideals and high hopes. High on the list of almost every single one is the Temple in Jerusalem, which is as mangled an ideal as the fantasy world of Elder Scroll’s Elf origin of “Aldmeris” continent, which, diverge along with  the (fantasy) racial memories. My example is, I am imagining reconstructing the Jerusalem temple would perfectly be possible if all the different “Factions” could agree all wanted “IT”, and it’s possible if all gave access to it, for all the others. Aka: cooperate. Only bummer is there currently stands a structure partly on top of what we assume is the interior parts..

The high moral ideal is the “floaty” castle, the realism is the empathy inherent in me knowing a lot of my idealism is not possible. Te should, and can, help people grow. It might be my best side, and the best way for me to get out of my theoretical mindset and be realistic. Land on the land underneath, and experience true life.

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