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And speaking of having complete modern forum functionality, we now have properly functioning member “blogs” or “walls.” I dunno what to call it. It goes by different names: Profile Comments, Status Updates, etc – like what you see on facebook with nested comments. Now, when you go to your profile you will see this at the bottom:

Posting on your blog/wall:

Where it says “What’s new, (name)?” You can type in a status update or anything you’d like to share or blog about. It will then turn into a comment right below the entry field.

Commenting on someone else’s blog/wall:

And you can also directly reply to other people’s blogs/status-updates/walls, like so:

But you won’t be able to start your own comment chains on someone else’s profiles, only comment on existing status updates or activities.

Hope you all enjoy!

P.S. Errr, please don’t abuse the feature tho… …like, spamming other member’s walls. Same rules apply to the walls as they do to the forum.

(Sidenote: This feature has been technically available in the software for a while now, but the functionality was poorly designed. I tweaked the original code to put the status updates right below profile information, and set it to only filter for status updates (“blogs”) by default.)

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