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@alice – yes, I totally agree with you !

I will give concrete examples in another thread, if we start one. I have a good example of how my attempts at visualization went wrong and how a very simple change in setting would have helped enormously.

I think this can be done as self help before it gets integrated in mainstream therapy. I don’t mind it being offered as self help/personal development as long as it works.

But we’d need more information to get even there. In my opinion, the best approach would be to study several cases and see the most common patterns of what people experience. And find creative ways to mitigate the risks. I did this for myself as well as I could and – in support of the spiritual side – I came to some conclusions after a series of synchronicities. But while this was happening I noticed other people were going through pretty similar experiences. So, there are patterns. Which means if we knew them, we could build better strategies for support.

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