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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

You guys said so many interesting things !

– thank you for the explanation ! I think it’s clearer after you compared her with Kendall Jenner and with Kati Morton ! And Kati Morton is one of the softest and least snippiest SeFi I-I- samples ! 🙂

I think because of Gravity Effect, SeFi’s generally make “heavier” moves than NeFi’s, for example, and this can confuse people too…I’m not sure if this assumption is correct, but I think in the case of SeFi’s Gravity Effect can make our Te look more developed than it actually is. Because movements falling down adds the impression of more heaviness to the Te Plateau Velocity ! Heavy objects fall faster ! If this makes any sense at all. :)) So, there would be some choppy hand moves that then also fall downward completely, due to gravity and these 2 combined can make our moves look a bit more decisive than they really are. I think this might be something to consider in general in our case. That there is full velocity right away & going downwards and these 2 together can create a certain effect that we wouldn’t see in NeFi’s and that could be interpreted as conscious Te though it might be just Se and Te together.

@tane I also analyzed a lot if she is TeNi or SeFi. Not to mention I also checked NiTe’s.

I think she is SeFi because :

– She seems to have baseline P lead fluid posture, although there are times when she becomes rigid – probably because of her developing Te. Her neck tends to lean to a side or another far too often for a J lead, her spine changes position frequently too. And on top of that, her eyes toggle while she is doing this and her head follows them – when she looks down, her head leans down, when she looks back to the camera, it returns to the previous position.

– she has Puer energy and lacks King energy !

Look, I checked her YouTube channel a bit and I love it, I subscribed to it yesterday !!! She actually posts interesting and useful content and I have to say I admire how well she is integrating Te.

Now, of course I looked for the oldest videos and here is one she made 8 years ago, where she also talks to a person – her bestie. I think at that time she was swaying more than she does now and that we can see more Pe signals, though she already was leaning towards Te development :

Do you see how much she is swaying here? It’s way MORE, not less ! Also, her head is almost constantly tilted to a side and the side always changes. :)) And there could be the objection – but she is very young here but look at Shia LaBeouf when very young !

See here –

I have to say though her head nods are pretty impressive, she has some decisiveness in them. It also looks like she can do convincing short Te hand chops but when she starts explaining and projecting, in my opinion her hand movements are casual and forcing themselves to do more angular motions, aren’t they?

And… you will not believe this ! This is her now !! <3

I’m not sure if she is I-I- now, but I can see a clear change in the quality of her Te moves over time ! Now they are clearer and have more impact !! The projecting goes pretty smoothly, I am impressed because I know how hard it is to show Te as a tertiary function, haha. :)) By the end – when talking about the bird feeder – her hand moves hit really well and she also becomes fairly rigid. I didn’t analyze all the signals, but my first impression is she shows more Te now than she did in the video we analyzed and much more than in the video she made 8 years ago…no?

What do you guys think??

Also, yes, I am totally down for weekly tests !

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