Fi-5: Giddy Giggle

Visual Description

The person is overtaken by their laugh in a way that disarms their composure and causes an uncontrolled and uncoordinated radiation of energy. Sometimes as gasping giggles (0:01-0:04), nearly voiceless gasps (0:05), quickly vibrating giggles (0:06-0:10 ) or deep long and jolly chuckles.. among other expressions. The body will appear bashful, vulnerable and entirely emotionally uninhibited.

Psychology Description

This signal shows a psychology that is radiating an authentic inner/emotional disposition without any regard for the audience, nor ability to modulate their expression with the audience. Unlike some individuals who at times direct their laugh into a social tool for agreeableness and a mutual experience, for this person their laugh is all-consuming and just “happens to them” rather than it being something they are making happen. Habitual use of this signal will reveal a person who has an open (yet undirected) channel to their emotional center.

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