Fi-6: Sprite-like Voice

Audio Description

The person’s voice carries a softness to it, with their intonation concentrated less in the pinching of the nasal cavity and more strongly in the trachea and abdomen. This will cause their voice to sound breathy, sprite-like, or affected. Additionally, the person’s voice follows its own rhythm of intonation, which will stray away from the default of their language, regardless of culture.

Psychology Description

This signal reveals a psychology that is constantly connected to deeper emotions, and exists in a low-key state of affect. As they talk, they continually ping their emotional register for their heart’s opinion on the matter at hand, and the voice fluctuates in rhythm to that inner vibration. This signal shows a psychology who is attuned to their own private resonances, insomuch that their voice intonation becomes off-beat and follows the harmony of their own inner sense rather than any conventional expressive pattern.

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