Ti-1: Absent Tension

Visual Description

When talking or at rest, the person’s mouth displays no muscular tension rising up toward the nose. The areas to the sides of the nose will remain fully relaxed, causing the cheeks to appear flat due to lack of muscular tone, unless interrupted by a smile.

Psychology Description

This signal reveals a psychology with a marked inner dispassion and neutrality. Their absent muscular tension runs parallel with a lack of deep emotional affect. They evaluate themselves and their emotions or actions from a detached logical perspective. Although they can express their emotions outwardly with passion and force, these are felt atop of a neutral core/center, rather than emerging directly from their center.

Disclaimer: This signal may not display itself as clearly if the person has naturally high cheekbones, and it’s possible for individuals who simply have low cheekbones to appear to lack tension. This signal refers to a lack of muscular tension after accounting for a person’s natural features/baseline.

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