Model 2

Hello you have reached the Model 2 index page a little early. This will be a successor to the current Model 1, but it is not yet completed. Model 2 is still not officially live. For more information please read this thread. You can see a full list of the Model 2 pages under construction by viewing the glossary. The menu up above has some of the completed pages listed. The tables below contain both completed and non-completed content.


Cognitive Typology Architecture (CTA)
Definitional Processing (J-) Procedural Processing (J+) Information Gathering (P+) Temporal Contextualizing (P-)
Inter-Function Dynamics Hierarchy
Conduct (J+/P-) Revision (J-/P+) Compression (J-/P-) Decompression (J+/P+) Formulation (J+/J-) Synthesis (P+/P-)
Architectural Bifurcation
L & D M & V
LM = Alpha LV = Beta DV = Gamma DM = Delta
Layers of Emergence
Computational Vultological Behavioral Mythological

Emergent Layers

Computational Vultological Behavioral Mythological
M Concern-Distracting Ne/Si Mae
M+ Distracting Ne Mio
M- Concern Si Mia
V Hypnotic-Attentive Ni/Se Vae
V+ Attentive Se Vio
V- Hypnotic Ni Via
L Handling-Withholding Ti/Fe Lae
L+ Handling Fe Lio
L- Withholding Ti Lia
D Dictating-Radiating Fi/Te Dae
D+ Dictating Te Dio
D- Radiating Fi Dia
LM Measured-Amenable Alpha Lam
LV Measured-Intense Beta Lav
DV Candid-Intense Gamma Dav
DM Candid-Amenable Delta Dam
Lm- Withholding / Distracting TiNe Laman
Lm+ Handling / Concern FeSi Lamos
Lv- Withholding / Attentive TiSe Lavan
Lv+ Handling / Hypnotic FeNi Lavos
Dm- Radiating / Distracting FiNe Daman
Dm+ Dictating / Concern TeSi Damos
Dv- Radiating / Attentive FiSe Davan
Dv+ Dictating / Hypnotic TeNi Davos
Ml- Concern / Handling SiFe Malan
Ml+ Distracting / Withholding NeTi Malos
Vl- Hypnotic / Handling NiFe Valan
Vl+ Attentive / Withholding SeTi Valos
Md- Concern / Dictating SiTe Madan
Md+ Distracting / Radiating NeFi Mados
Vd- Hypnotic / Dictating NiTe Vadan
Vd+ Attentive / Radiating SeFi Vados
P+ Proactive Fluidity Pe – Explorer Puer / Puella
P- Reactive Fluidity Pi – Worldview Senex / Crone
J+ Proactive Rigidity Je – Articulator King / Queen
J- Reactive Rigidity Ji – Compass Prince / Princess


Attributes Compound Functions
Computational Vultological Behavioral Mythological
J Rigidity Judgment Divinity
P Fluidity Perception Nirvana
Reactive Introversion Yin
+ Proactive Extroversion Yang
A / Abiotic ~ T Matter
B / Biotic ~ F Life
O / Associative ~ N Liquid
U / Literal ~ S Solid

Function Quadrants

Conductor (Je+Pi) Reviser (Pe+Ji) Compression (Pi+Ji) Decompression (Je+Pe)
Alpha Democratic Ephemeralist Scholastic Potentialists
Beta Sectarian Sensationalist Cabalistic Competitor
Gamma Meritocratic Sensualist Occultist Realists
Delta Bureaucratic Etherealist Ecologist Entrepreneurs

Blocks – Behavioral

Blocks – Computational

Affective Attributes

Emotional Attitudes
Agreeable Disagreeable
Seelie Adaptive Unseelie Directive
Fallen Affect
None 1/5 Mild 2/5 Medium 3/5 Strong 4/5 Heavy 5/5


Medical Disclaimer
Type’s Intersection with Psychoanalysis
Law of Conservation of Psychic Energy
Conscious / Unconscious Daimon / Muse Fantastical / Actual
Stages of Ego Integration Aspects of Integration
Repression / Denial Ontological Status
Neutral / Negotiative Value & Purpose
Admiration / Imitation Archetypal Character
Over-Identification / Obsession Behavioral Abilities
Actualization / Normalization List of CT Certified Practitioners

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