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  • LadyNerdsky
    • Type: FiNe
    • Development: ll-l
    • F Attitude: Unseelie

    These are great! Very helpful. Just finished watching the Te one. I think I do a sassy head-bobble delivery that isn’t combined into a head shake in this excerpt, so if it counts you can add it to the codifier without audio

    • Type: TiNe
    • Development: ll-l
    • F Attitude: Adaptive

    And finally the last one for this series:

    Ne & Se Signals

    It’s really quite shocking to me how I couldn’t get this video down below 26 minutes even though I tried to be very concise. This tutorial series is compressed to the max, and yet it’s 2:30 hours of break-less signal bombardment. I guess as a field of study, it really is just that involved.

    If it’s decompressed I’m sure it could amount to a two week course!

    (p.s. – Also, I think what I’ll do is add links to these videos inside the codifier too, so you can reference them right there if more info is needed.)

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