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    Now, it's not that I can't at all relate to the descriptions. The parts about 'Tinkering' and "Daydreaming" seem to be spot on. As a kid I was often entangled in my imagination. Because of how engaged I was in my own world, they would often worry that I someday I would get hit by a car, as I was not paying much attention to the outside world. I also love taking things apart, analyzing them and I can most certainly get carried away with my interests, spreading myself too thin. Although I learned my lesson in that respect.
    Regarding 'a lack of attention': I've never had any issues in concentrating. In fact, as a kid I went to a school were there were two different grades and yet we sat in one classroom. While students from the grade below had to listen to explanations, those from my grade had to work. I never had any problems, while other students and parents (somewhat understandably) complained. It is rare for me to forget any appointments and I tend to easily get my work finished on time. While I am somewhat aloof, still, I am completely capable of focusing my attention, even if the task is slow, arduous or boring, as long as something is or could be important in the long run. Things of little importance go in one ear and out of the other. These less I care about something, the more easily I will forget it. My mind is is somewhat hyperactive and I am prone to get unnecessarily worried about minor issues.
    As for "Serendipity & Flash Visions": while it sounds rather fantastical and eloquent, I supposed I could dumb it down to: Ne is making lots of connections between different concepts, and every so often, something is bound to click. Correct me if I'm wrong of course. I don't think I can see the 'unseen causalities of the universe'. I have the idea that my mind automatically launches into many tangents at the same time and it selects the connections it finds to be most pertinent, peculiar or pressing. It does this really fast, so much so that when I pay no attention to my internal processing, I often have the feeling that I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but it seems to work, so I just go with it. So, yeah, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this part of the description. At it's root it seems to hold some truth for me, but that's it.
    "Mass Data Absorption"- I did say I had the tendency to spread myself too thin. While I am not generally a mass-absorber of media, I do like to challenge myself. Japanese intrigued me and seemed challenging, so I went ahead and started learning it, but unrealistically I wanted to do this with more that just one language, I wanted to do it with four. Unsurprisingly that did not work out well after a while, as a I severely understimated how much time goes into properly understanding a language, parsing foreign speech correctly in your brain and just pure trial and error. If I consume information too quickly I often start feeling hollow and unsatisfied, like it was just meaningless noise, that's why I like taking my time, if possible.
    "Puns and Humor" + Imitations and Parodies: While I sincerely enjoy 'off-beat, eccentric out-of-context, is this even okay to say' type of humor, and I enjoy messing around with words, I wouldn't say it is an essential aspect of my character. I'm not exactly known for being the master of jokes, imitations or parodies. In fact, I often seen as overly serious, perhaps even somewhat dry at times, although the latter was more something of the past and more a direct result of my insecurities. I'm quite negative by nature. While those with Ne are often portrayed as wanting to avoid the negative, most of what my Ne naturally generates is negative. What can go wrong, what my mistakes can be.
    Distraction & Escapism: I genuinely think I identify too much with the negative, and linger on that for too long. If I am procrastinating, it is usually because I focus on it so much that doing the necessary work starts turning into a sisyphean errand. Honestly being more jovial would be beneficial for me and I am actually trying to integrate that into my life, along with learning how to be more grateful and it's actually helping.
    In taking all the above into account, I think it is obvious that Mer doesn't seem like an adequate mythology for me personally.
    TL;DR I relate to 'tinkering', 'daydreaming' and a bit to Serendipity and Flash visions in the Ne description, but not to the others. I am by nature also rather pessimistic and focused on what could go wrong.

    • So what do other Ne users think. How do you relate to the description and what I've written?


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