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    ~ ~ volume

    Uggh, I want to explode from overwhelming awe/bewilderment!
    As I dive more deeply into type I realize,
    Each type contains the world.
    No type is missing anything.
    It's all there; all of humanity is there. But just in different order and priority.
    It feels like blasphemy for me to try to contain all of humanity within a single structure, like trying to shove God in a box.
    Or a pantheon of Gods within a livingroom.
    This beast is bigger and grander than me and my castles.
    What am I doing.

    ~ ~ intellect

    The collective diversity that exists within even a single type, through exponential variable compounds and different upbringings, encompasses the world several times over, and is more data than can fit in my brain.
    Trying to make sense of type is like trying to make sense of everyone in the world.
    And trying to wrap my head around even just a couple of these brilliant minds in each type, is like a child trying to lecture his teacher.
    What then can I say to these minds about themselves, which they are not already more equipped to know.
    How can I explain them themselves, when I neither understand them or can even grasp their philosophy and truth.
    What a fool's errand.

    ~ ~ reverence

    In my failings, I give a word of caution to those who come after me, should any dare to construct a framework than can contain the Spirit of Humanity, it will crumble unless it is as infinite and boundless as humanity itself.
    There is genius, power, creativity, passion and fire in each type that would dwarf your every thought and action - and collectively they outperform you in even your most alleged gifts/talents.
    The illusion of your greatness only lasts in the insularity of your finite exposure. When you broaden your scope of humanity into the hundreds, and thousands, you will see what I say is true.
    Let not anyone, or any nature, be underestimated.

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    One's own true character can never be fully known to oneself, let alone that of others.  And what stands true for the individual stands true for collectives as well.
    We can only go 'around' the core center truth of such knowledge, catching glimpses from its halo through hypothesis and estimations based on what's been made visible to us.  But here we also mostly in the dark due to the complexity of reasons breeding the more palpable and detectable aspects.
    The galaxies of the inner world are just as vast as those above us.  But hey.. that shouldn't deter us from being inner-galaxy astronomers..

    Septimus Rosa Chalier
    • Type: FiNe
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    But it is a mistake, this extreme precision, this orderly and military progress; a convenience, a lie. There is always deep below it, even when we arrive punctually at the appointed time with our white waistcoats and polite formalities, a rushing stream of broken dreams, nursery rhymes, street cries, half-finished sentences and sights - elm trees, willow trees, gardeners sweeping, women writing - that rise and sink even as we hand a lady down to dinner. While one straightens the fork so precisely on the table-cloth, a thousand faces mop and mow.
    Virginia Woolf - The Waves

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    This is beautiful, Auburn.  And it's exactly this reverence and awe about the beauty in the world and the endless scope of people, that makes you such an ideal channel for this work.  You are not reducing people, you're expanding awareness. This really touched my heart.

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    You posted something similar in the old forum. Something that ended with wanting to go to the mountains and watch the sky. 🙂
    I think doubt is very important. It is a sure sign of seeking the truth.
    All people have the same core. At a very deep level, it is the same. So, you can see humanity as diversified, which is true. But functions are just at manifestation level. At core level, everyone's soul is the same soul. And the same with the Soul of the World. Or the Spirit of Humanity, how you call it. You can find the same gods and demons in each soul.
    And you will find greatness in everyone because everyone is magnificent at his core.
    But seeing how each person manifests that greatness is possible and necessary. A sort of moral imperative, I think. A duty for the person who can see it, who can discern.
    You are not putting God in a box, you are classifying his manifestations. You can do this and therefore you must. 🙂

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    @bella - <3

    - That's a wonderful quote. *looks up Virginia Woolf*

    - Thanks, you're very generous towards me. ^^
    At best I am trying, but the universe will ultimately decide if I succeed in revealing any part of it. It is, at the least, a worthwhile way to spend my finite existence.
    (An addendum i wrote but deleted at first)

    ~ ~ freezing

    Oh how I despise the behavioral dimension.
    And how it freezes infinity into one shape, size and appearance.
    As soon as the archetype is given ‘form’, it ceases being what it is.
    Yet, how can we see it outside of its various contextual iterations?
    It’s a double edged sword.

    ~ ~ destruction

    All that exists on this site is but a frail attempt to grasp an formless essence.
    Please, I invite you all; tear it down.
    So it can be rebuilt in greater glory and approximation to truth.
    My own dogma nauseates me.
    Reveal to me your higher truth, so I can better understand what is reality.

    • Type: TiNe
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    Ah, the agony of Ti! 😮 I know it well..
    The impetus to encompass all the nuance of a phenomenon into a conceptual framework is indeed futile, as is the ideal of complete accuracy. As you say.. it's not really possible to put God in a box. Quantification of a phenomenon ultimately leads to data loss, sadly. And with our finite capacities, we are never guaranteed to conceptualize things correctly in the first place. Yet it all can end up in worthwhile progress.. and what else should one do in this absurd existence but follow their desire and seek satisfaction?

    My own dogma nauseates me.

    loll Sometimes it seems like you're too hard on yourself ^^; CT may be approximate and incomplete, but what hypothesis isn't? And as far as observations of psychology go, it's the best attempt I've seen at quantifying the way human beings interpret reality, as well as providing a coherent explanation of the causality behind the type's different perspectives and proclivities.

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    As I look outside my window, watching the snow fall gently onto the ground, I remember, trying to understand the meaning at this moment, that we don't know anything.
    The next day gives us a new canvas to try to understand from step 0 all that is.

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    At best I am trying, but the universe will ultimately decide if I succeed in revealing any part of it. It is, at the least, a worthwhile way to spend my finite existence.

    CT is a language - and no system, no language, no symbolism can encompass the whole of God. By nature, structure is finite; God is infinite. We use structure and language in our hope to unravel truths that lie beyond it.  And what could possibly be more noble and worthwhile than that?
    God is not in the structure we use to unravel truth, but rather, in the need to do that in the first place.  The 'Muse' that lures us to understand the universe is the voice of God, singing to us, giving us a reason to wake up in the morning and take the next step.

    In that sense, the journey is more important than the destination.  What really matters is that this journey invites unity, friendship, communication and inspiration.  While you strive to capture the workings of the universe, the rest of us gather round, developing a language together. The inspiration is contagious, magnetic. And we are all bonding over this, and learning more about each other and the world, whether or not we are discovering something essential to humankind.
    So, best case scenario, you unlock the secret to the universe; worse case, you lived a passionate life and inspired many people. What could go wrong??

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    Saw this, and I thought of this poem and you (Auburn).

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    Who am I? I am just like you incomprehensible, better yet inconceivable. Good luck sticking a label on us.
    Even if a demon a were to possess me it shall never have access to my true power. Never, no matter how many years, even after the body is dead the soul will never reveal my secrets no matter how many millennia. It may as well be a fish with a diamond in it's gut given it diarrhea.

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