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    So i personally enjoy correlating cognitive functions to other modalities of thought. I used to be interested in the chakras, even though I don’t follow the spiritual belief in them (I have tried to do chakra balancing and I ended up seeing a colour for each chakra in my visualisation) but the point I want to make is that perhaps the chakras were an ancient way of seeing the cognitive functions. I read this article by Julie Ahoy, and she basically attempts to link seven of the eight cognitive functions to the chakras. I found her results quite compelling. So here is the article. I give Julie Ahoy full credit for her work. The only part I’m unsure of is how Extroverted Sensing fits in. it doesn’t seem aligned to a specific chakra. I would think it should be located between the Root and the Sacral Chakra, since the Sacral Chakra (according to Julie) is based on Extroverted Intuition, I feel like it could also extend to Extroverted Sensing, since both are Pe functions.

    I noticed a correlation between the Functions and chakras that inspired my color and symbolic scheme for the Functions. Both the chakra model and the Function model represent archetypes of the universal experience of the human being throughout time.

    While there are many chakras, the seven most well known start at the root of the pelvis and make their way up to the crown of the head through the body and the colors of the rainbow.

    The Root Chakra is like Introverted Sensing. Si is the most sensible function, grounded in common sense based on knowledge of past human experience. Deep brick red in color, and solid and rooted as the mountains, Si honors all that has come before and carries those lessons least we forget and repeat the mistakes of the past.

    The Sacral Chakra is like Extraverted Intuition. Ne is our source of vitality, life, and creativity. It is the location of the womb, the center of our balance, and the internal fire from which we find our meaningful existence. Bold, orange, vibrant, energetic, Ne brings forth the new and exciting.

    The Solar Chakra is like Extraverted Thinking. Te is our ability to manifest our dreams and desires into reality. Like the sun, it is our source of internal power to command, direct, organize, manage, and make happen. Bright, hot, yellow, and unstoppable, Te takes action.

    The Heart Chakra is like Introverted Feeling. Fi is the heart of our feeling center, where we assess the personal impact of all that takes place around us and within us. We are gardeners lovingly tending plants, nurturing them to grow from tiny shoots to hearty green plants laden with fruits and raw, healthy sustenance. As we do so, we develop a deep understanding of the processes of life to guide our behavior to cause the least harm and greatest good in the world.

    The Throat Chakra is like Extraverted Feeling. Fe is our center of communication, both to sing beautifully and authentically on our own, and to pull the flock together in united chorus. When leadership is recognized according to individual gifts, each member of the tribe shines forth their highest personal potential and the flock soars the blueskies together to its highest heights.

    The Brow or Third Eye Chakra is like Introverted Intuition. Ni is our ability to connect internally to our unconscious knowledge and understanding. The world within is strange, nebulous, and speaks in symbol and vision. If we are open to this insight, a whole new world is ours to explore and realize into our conscious, waking world. Deep, purple, mysterious, our psyche offers limitless, bountiful expanses.

    The Crown Chakra is like Introverted Thinking. Ti is the human mind reaching beyond personal limitations into the vastness of the universe to define the laws of nature that govern all things, living and inanimate. The incredible development of human reason allows us to tap into the grandness of all that exists, teasing out the inherent rules of order, drawing understanding from the confusion, increasing the collective wisdom of the human race to propel our conscious growth and enlightenment.

    In addition, there are our senses, encompassed in Extraverted Sensing. Se is our purest connection to the world, as it is our actual experience of physical stimuli. Luxurious and indulgent, the senses love to be stimulated, to revel in sensation, the sensual, the sensational. It is in the nature of this function to seek out the decadent and avoid decay, as this is essential to joy filled survival.

    As in the chakra system, it is necessary to balance each function in order to live most fully. This means understanding each function and how it operates in you, observing it in action, and learning to navigate each function, bringing them into cooperation with each other.

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    Another interesting point about the Throat Chakra being aligned with Fe, is that the Throat is the place from which we articulate, hence it definitely seems to fit the Articulator archetype I’d say.


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    It’s amazing you posted this now ! I started learning more about the chakras this week and yesterday evening before going to sleep I was wondering if there is a connection between 3rd chakra and Te !

    I am not sure if a 1:1 correlation can be made, especially since we only have 7 chakras and there are 8 functions and also since, at least according to CT theory, each person actually only has 4 functions, but all people have all 7 chakras.

    I think if we just think of what we do with our bodies when we use the functions, actually maybe they could be correlated like…:

    Root and 6th – Pi (grounding and fixed gaze);

    2nd and 6th – Pe (bouncy playfulness and toggle/eye tension patterns)


    3rd and 5th -Te (power and articulation/purpose)

    4th and 7th – Fi (charity and understanding…maybe)


    3rd and 4th – Fe (power and charity)

    5th and 7th – Ti (parsing out stuff in a more heady way)

    I might be completely wrong, but this would be a way in which everyone uses all his chakras and in which they can be better connected to what we are doing with our bodies when using each function.

    Maybe they need to be changed here and there, I gotta say I have only been reading about chakras more seriously for a couple of days, so I am not an expert in this at all and this is purely hypothetical.

    It’s also possible that the first pair of functions determines different combinations…?

    Jelle could have a better theory on this. If you are in the chat too, ask jelle.

    I discovered this whole thing because of some videos she showed me. I’ll post the introductory one and then you can check the ones for each chakra too. They are awesome ! Vicki is WONDERFUL !!! I even ordered some of her temporary chakra boosting tattoos. Almost everyone I told about charka boosters said they can’t possibly work. I’m pretty sure they do though. They bring our focus to parts of our lives that need integration and healing. Even if it’s all completely wrong and there are no “real” chakras whatsoever,  these parts of ourselves STILL need to be faced.

    So, this is her introduction to chakra shadow work :

    And this is the video about the root chakra, where she starts :

    Oh, also Vicki has a nice color coded chakra chart, I will show you.

    Maybe it helps us play more with the chakras and see which fits better to which function. What I think is for sure if there is a chakra – function connection, all chakras and all functions each person has must somehow be covered. And it also can’t look imbalanced, because we are all aspiring to reach balance of all our chakras, so it must be there at least as a potential.

    I am not sure if function development triggers chakra healing or if chakra healing can trigger function development. What do you think? How is your solar plexus chakra doing?

    Anyway, awesome you brought this up, I’ve been thinking about it exactly these days !!

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    Hello Bera

    Wow thank you so much for your response. Yes your right we only have four functions. I have heard of shadow functions so perhaps this could be our inverted 3 functions, while our demon or trickster function may not be in use.

    I used to be into chakra balancing. I don’t do it as much but I distinctly remember seeing animals for each of my chakras,,it was amazing.

    Root- gorilla in a garden

    Sacral- otter and dolphin in a river

    Solar Plexus- golden lion, yellow flowers

    Heart- a praying mantis in a green forest

    Throat- a peacock at a heavenly doorway

    Third eye- an owl

    Crown- a white chicken and a white bat.

    When I was younger I did a chakra balancing test and I used to have an overactive Third Eye and underactive Root. This is interesting since I would compare Third Eye to Ni (it fits Ni’s mythology).

    I like your reasoning for how we each align the chakras to our four functions since we all have a unique set of chakras. I will watch the videos thanks a lot!

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    I watched  Vicky’s videos. I am really impressed by how she looks at shadow qualities as something legitimate and something we need to own, no matter what our type is. its quite universal actually I’d say.

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    Hey !

    Yes, according to Socionics and other typology theories we have all 8 functions, so there is that.

    Wow, I wanna try to see animals for my chakras too. This is amazing.

    By the way, Vicki also has some videos about animals that are connected to each chakra ! I only watched the third chakra video till now and she also sees it as possibly represented by a lion !

    Yes, third eye mostly fits Ni mythology !

    I just think that since each chakra rules an area of the body and health issues concerning that area are considered to appear because of imbalances of the chakra…signals that heavily trigger that area should probably show the connection between the relevant function to that chakra. This is just a wild Pe theory, because I don’t want to go only based on description, since descriptions can differ a lot from each other anyway.

    And for 6th we have – according to this chart at least, I’m sure there are many others – signs of imbalance – Vision Problems – this is the first one listed.

    So this would mean the 6th chakra seems to rule the eye area. This is why I thought it should be connected to both Pe and Pi. As I can’t see how a lower chakra could be an energy center that rules eye toggles. I can see how lower chakras could be connected to body swaying though.

    We are very much driven by our eyes. And this is the eye chakra. So this is pretty much my line of thinking, which could be completely wrong though. :)))

    I think all signals naturally gravitate around the energy center connected to the function.

    For example :

    Projecting Hands – the hands tend to project close to the solar plexus, no? They go outward and hit but this is happening close to this center. OR close to the heart center/ in between.

    Then let’s see some Ji signals hm

    Heart area, no?

    I think at least unbridled radiation is pretty much heart area.

    Pretty much heart area too.

    Fe – 3rd and 4th :

    (I’m taking these from the codifier to prove I didn’t search a lot :))) )

    I think Pi groundedness more or less corresponds to root chakra. Root chakra is presented as a bit materialistic/showing concerns about wealth or having your financial needs met but the kundalini snake is there too !! And the energy should be grounded, steady. This is why I think it’s not a strong one in our case. :)))

    I can’t quite demonstrate with a gif because it’s not very clear where this groundedness starts, where its seat is. But since the whole body and spine lethargically sinks, , my guess is that the energy seat is at the base of the spine. What do you think?

    Now with our swaying…I said it might come from the 2nd chakra area. I honestly don’t know how swaying happens. Do the hips or some muscles above them start it? The most emphasized body part seem to be the shoulders, no? But body swaying looks like torso moves and not like shoulder muscles moves (those are actually under throat chakra and Je, no?)

    It took me an hour to find the words that seem to describe what I’m looking for, though I am still not completely sure this is correct.

    The primary muscles involved in lateral flexion of the torso are the internal and external obliques, the quadratus lumborum and the erector spinae. Other muscles — including the rectus abdominis, iliopsoas and semispinalis — assist with the movement.

    So :

    Erector spinae muscles go from sacrum to neck,so I will not post an additional skeleton image for them because it wouldn’t help much. They do start from sacrum but since they go up to the neck, it could be argued why not throat chakra or why not 3rd or 4th chakra.

    Maybe this is actually in Auburn’s book and I forgot. :))

    So, my theory remains – at least regarding Pe and Pi but I gotta say I have doubts especially about Ti and Fi.

    Ohhh, now I realized the mouth is governed by the throat chakra and mouth signals match this. Then Fi could go with 4th and 5th.

    Maybe we have one lower chakra and one upper chakra for each function?

    I’m not sure why these connections exist. We can be skeptical and say the people who created the chakra systems actually tried to find an explanation to function related stuff without knowing about functions.

    But chakra balancing seems a whole separate thing from CT theory and really has effects.

    Oh, by the way, I want to try more chakra balancing too. Vicki recommends some tapping exercises and also to visualize yourself while displaying a shadow quality of each chakra and love yourself in that role.

    I also started wearing clothes that match the color of the chakra I’m focusing on. And I decided to focus on one per day, starting from Monday to Sunday. I don’t think the clothes magically change my energy, but I believe by wearing a certain color being aware of the connection to a chakra, my focus would shift to the corresponding chakra more often. I experimented with it only for a couple of days though, so I can’t say much about the effects yet.

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    wow you are really going into so much detail, I wonder if we can ask Auburn what he thinks about this, and what his thoughts are. I would be really interested.

    Yes your right I think if you take shadow functions into account, it may be that all of the chakras are possibly linked to cognitive functions, though it could be either purely Pi or more like Si/Ni. I totally agree with you though when it comes to the eye toggling. Perhaps you could say each function uses a different set of chakras almost, its kind a collective process almost.

    I don’t personally take the chakras that seriously, its kind of just for fun, I mean I do realize there is power in them, but I’m just a bit skeptical of the whole shadow thing. I’m a Christian by the way, but I am definitely open to mindfulness, visualisation techniques and all of that.

    But I can tell you are really into chakra balancing, I hope you achieve the balance you are looking for.

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    Hey ! I’m a Christian too and I actually never saw the possible correspondences before.

    I started reading more about chakras recently. I knew about them but I was never that much into this.

    Yes, it seems like a collaborative activity between 2 or even 3 chakras that more or less overlaps with CT functions. I just mean the chakra area and chakra function vs. the CT behaviorism and signals.

    Now I don’t really know if the chakras are literal energy centers that look exactly the way they are described. I want to apply everything I find useful about them AS IF they were but I don’t actually KNOW this for sure.

    But a CT function – chakra correlation seems to be there…if we wanna rule out any woo woo, we can just think maybe a long time ago, when people knew nothing at all about functions, they simply noticed some movement patterns, some of which seemed to be correlated to relevant emotional states, behaviors and life perspective and even to physical problems and they concluded that there are ENERGY CENTERS that determine these movements, perspectives and traits.

    Maybe they saw Ni gaze and simply made the half unconscious connection between zoning out and a third eye between the brows that is seeing while the Ni user’s real eyes don’t look at anything specific.

    Or they saw someone project with their hands, doing a really strong hit, starting from their solar plexus, while making an important decision and being truly convincing and they concluded that an energy center resides in the solar plexus, that governs clarity, decision making and power.

    Looking at all of it from a more holistic perspective/from above, maybe there is truth in both a purely naturalistic and a more woo woo view. As indeed our movement patterns seem to be focused on some centers of our bodies. What exactly is behind it…I honestly think exceeds what we know right now.

    I don’t think Auburn believes in chakras, haha.

    By the way, in the meantime I noticed some attributes of the crown chakra correlate very well with Ti, so I think that one is right (maybe with Ji in general a bit too but I can see it as being rather Ti than Fi). Especially the part about silence, lack of movement and fasting/renouncing lower chakra stuff for spiritual pursuits, as well as the verb – to know, the problem of being too much in your head, the disconnection with the body…since this is a chakra that is above the head and not really on it.

    ohhh, yes, I am into this now. I hope it lasts. :))) I just ordered a bunch of essential oils and a diffuser.

    Also this :

    @shelleylorraine recommended it to me. I don’t know very well how it works, I will see starting tomorrow and I’ll make a thread in the spiritual section if it will seem worth exploring (I have a feeling it will). 🙂

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