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  • Gnosis
    • Type: TiSe
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    Just testing my skillz, let me know if anything happens.

    It looks like some apocalypse type shit. Not that that’s what is signifying, more like it’s going to be time for you to get your shit straightened when the “call” comes, whatever that call is for you. Don’t worry, though. It’s going to be obvious because like the horn sticking out of that Ni eyes angel, it’s going to be loud an din your face. The people are gracious though, so the call will be grateful, maybe not in immediately, but you will be grateful nevertheless, like how that girl on the right is caressing the sound radiation. Angel’s Ni gaze tells me this is planned. Yea, “Judgement”, you decide. It was in reverse at first, so that means some will block that call for whatever reason (like right in your face, angry ass block, actively). Use your crown. 👍



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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by Gnosis.
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