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    I’m not sure if I understand the post either, but from what I can gather – you’re saying that Se doesn’t get excited and SEE wouldn’t automatically value emotion?  So, in other words, if someone doesn’t value Fe, they place no value on emotion or expression, and may just end up doing it through shadow functions without caring about it?  So, only half of the population cares about emotion or its expression, and the other half may engage it offhandedly without caring about it, but simply doesn’t value it?

    If so, why should anyone accept that this system is worth studying, if its premise is to claim that half the population doesn’t  value emoting, expressing emotion, exploring their own emotion, or being excited?

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    @Echidna, I think there’s been a misunderstanding about the use of the phrase “gamma blindspot.” Everyone please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me like @Echidna thinks “gamma blindspot” means that people think he’s in the gamma quadra and therefore he has a blindspot about the other quadras. Whereas what I think people are actually saying is that Echidna has a “gamma blindspot” in the sense that he has a blindspot specifically about the gamma quadra and doesn’t understand that quadra well. Hopefully this will clear things up.

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    Hi Ivory, this isn’t just from the WSS model. These are the information dichotomies that are foundation to Model A.

    • Intuition is defined as Perception that is Internal and Detached.
    • Sensation is defined as Perception that is External and Involved
    • Ethics is defined as Judgement that is Internal and Involved
    • Logic is defined as Judgement that is External and Detached

    You need these distinctions to be able to understand what is what, or else you’ll get confused and won’t be able to type people in Socionics accurately.

    Emotional excitation is Internal, it’s something that manifests within a person, rather than something multiple people can point to and re-share without re-interpretation. It is also Involved, something you feel, rather than think about. Therefore, it must be Ethics in Socionics.

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