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    So as you can tell I'm SeFi with Te development. I definitely relate to the description of Se, I am quite creative, passionate and I enjoy becoming immersed in physical activities such as beautiful music, drawing (I draw less often now but have a lot of artworks), singing and such.
    However I find myself not particularly liking the description of Te. I think I do have certain Te behaviours where I can become quite irritated when other people are incompetent, don't show up on time or create schedules that are clearly illogical. I can become quite angry and people will tell me I am causing conflict. But perhaps because I overly idealise my Se and Fi functions (and I idealize Ni as well to some extent) and have more Se Fi centric interests, its hard for me to see myself as a Te user. Perhaps when it comes to how I communicate, I can definitely agree that I have certain times where I am quite rigid and decisive in my verbal expression, and I can be very honest to the point of being rather unsympathetic towards people who pity themselves too much, even though I am compassionate and very empathetic towards those who are genuinely suffering. I assume this is an Fi-Te dynamic.
    But when it comes to my areas of interest, I have zero interest in politics, finance, law or empiricism. I may have a good understanding of the facts of a matter and can look at the world empirically, but it is more a matter of how I perceive the world rather than having it pertain to Te interests. I used to like science in high school, but when it came to chemistry and physics I completely lost interest and changed my subject to accounting, not out of any interest in accounting, but because it was based off of some advice I took (wish I had taken another subject, but I did learn a lot of valuable information about accounting despite having no real interest in it). I failed the subject numerous times, along with mathematics despite taking many extra classes. However I eventually found accounting easier when I put in more effort and actually worked harder.
    I just found it interesting, and I am curious to see the rewrite for the Te mythology. I do like the image of a white knight more than wise king, it has an aspect of honour, valour and courage to it, where one does the right thing even when its hard, or when I have to deal with my inner demons I can be quite fierce and persistent in trying to overcome them. It takes a lifetime of experience to learn how to balance having a soft heart with being thick skinned.

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