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  • SierraTangoWhiskey
    • Type: NeFi
    • Development: ll-l
    • F Attitude: Seelie

    It’s raining.

    Not torrentially, but that continuous gray drizzle.

    I know exactly what it does to me. And even though I know how this weather plays with my mind I can’t seem to outmaneuver the effects.

    I’ve noticed that days like this tend to put me in somewhat of a nostalgic mood. And not the pleasant, remember the good ole days variety, but the mulling over of past regrets, missed opportunities and dumb mistakes.

    I get that  everyone probably experiences this to some degree but I’ve notice an interesting correlation.  For me at least.

    One day whilst I was in one of these funks I decided to distract myself by taking a personality test.  The test turned out ISTJ.

    (I’ve found that personality testing varies for me based on my mood, the test in particular, and the style of the test — all reasons why I love what you are doing here at CT.)

    Nevertheless, that gets me thinking.

    Could the low energy state that I experience during these rainy days be shifting my focus more toward Si (I am Ne dominant according to CT.)?

    Perhaps I do have baggage to deal with in my past.

    But have any of you experienced a similar shift in focus under certain triggers?  Like rain triggers me?

    That said: let’s say that I am reveling in my inferior Si.  What I feel is a deep attachment to those past memories as well as a fixation on resolving them.  I feel defined by those events.

    My current coping skill is pretty much to accept the past as the past, wallow in my nostalgia for the day, and to wait for a sunny day to turn my optimism back on (glad I don’t live in Seattle!)

    To any Si dominants our there.  Do you feel a need to resolve the past or perhaps to integrate it with your present?  How do you make peace with your past?

    I could be totally misapplying the psychology here, but I’m interested in your thoughts.

    • Type: NeFi
    • Development: ll-l
    • F Attitude: Seelie

    I guess my core questions here are…

    Does environment or energy affect what function you experience?

    How would a dominant Si manage this experience better than an inferior Si?

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