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    asmodeus, king of demons
    • Type: NeTi
    • Development: l---
    • Attitude: Adaptive

    putting different ideas together
    something entirely new and original

    i smell a contradiction here

    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: ll--
    • Attitude: Seelie

    @puffs - a new and original combination of ideas in this case. 🙂 There was an interesting discussion on the chat regarding the possibility to come up with something entirely new. I can't remember the conclusion but I think most original creations are a combination of older ideas. Our capacity to produce something entirely new is limited. We can create patterns and arrange them in new systems but the patterns themselves are inspired by something we see in the external world or by something that already exists in our minds.
    This can be connected to what @elisaday said :

     I associate naming things with Ti especially. NeTi and TiNe seem to be the most creative namers IMO.

    I think they are very good at this indeed. Because of this :

    The Ti function is inherently philosophical in nature, producing in the Ti user a gravitation towards what we might call ontology. It becomes important to the Ti user to define what things are in and of themselves. In this sense, Ti seeks to describe reality absolutely and almost as though they were to vanish themselves from existence. It must be able to be true without them in the picture, otherwise it is not true. By this metric Ti seeks for a sort of timeless abstract definition for everything. The Ti user usually seeks to encapsulate the essence of a thing through semantic precision; meticulously working out where the boundaries lie between two adjacent thought groupings. 

    And this :

    The Ne function is motivated to discover new information, whether by absorbing it from the outside or by synthesizing it out of existing datasets through a creative alchemy. It is highly imaginative, which is to say it’s driven by images and information structures of all kinds. However, these images are not immediately evidenced in the environment, but are all those which the environment evokes by containing an adjacent graphical relationship to the present. When faced with a situation the Ne user will only casually consider the literal objects before them as their mind soon drifts up, around and behind those immediate objects to uncover the visual and conceptual implications related to that moment.

    Combined I think they make someone very good at finding names. This also can go very well with Ne's love for parodies. But coming up with names is more a Ti thing than an Ne thing and the best giver of names I have seen until now is a TiSe. 🙂
    Because name giving can also happen if you combine Ti's tendency to define things in a precise way with Se's improvisation and aesthetic sense. And what you get is absolutely astonishing though pretty different from what alpha NTs produce.

Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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