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  • Rickus
    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: l-l-
    • F Attitude: Unseelie

    Hi there

    I was just curious if anybody has been able to draw a correlation between CT types (as in traditional mbti types but in a functional stack) and sun signs. I would like to share my analysis thereof, and I would love to get some feedback about it.

    Fire signs: i believe Fire signs correspond to ExTx types (Extroverted Thinkers) and to the Choleric temperament.

    Aries most likely TeNi or ENTJ

    Leo most likely TeSi or ESTJ, though I suspect they may have Se in their stack.

    Sagittarius SeTi (ESTP) and NeTi (ENTP).


    Earth signs: I believe Earth signs correspond to IxTx types (Introverted Thinkers)

    Taurus most likely SiTe or ISTJ, with a noteworthy tertiary Fi

    Virgo Ti dominant types TiSe (ISTP) and TiNe (INTP)

    Capricorn NiTe or INTJ, although Earth signs come across as sensing types more often than not.

    Air signs: I believe Air signs correspond to ExFx types, despite Air being associated with intellect, they are more sanguine in temperament and diplomatic.

    Gemini SeFi (ESFP) and NeFi (ENFP) with pronounced tertiary Te

    Libra FeSi (ESFJ)

    Aquarius FeNi (ENFJ)

    Water signs: I believe Water signs correspond to IxFx types (Introverted Feelers)

    Cancer: SiFe or ISFJ

    Scorpio: NiFe or INFJ

    Pisces FiSe (ISFP) and FiNe (INFP)

    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: l-l-
    • F Attitude: Unseelie

    The only dilemmas I have is the following

    Most descriptions of Earth signs paint them as only being Sensing types, yet Capricorn is able to look at both the material world and the intuitive realm. Perhaps this is Ni-Se.

    Most descriptions of Air signs paint them as being Thinking types, but the description of signs like Libra sound a lot more like an Extroverted Feeling dominant type. They may not be emotional in the same way as Water signs are, but they are relationship-oriented and people-centric.

    • Type: NeFi
    • Development: ll--
    • F Attitude: Seelie

    There is no definitive correlation between zodiacal archetypes and CT (or even MBTI) types.

    There are 12 zodiacal archetypes and therefore 12 versions of each CT type. TeNi can be every zodiac sun sign, can fit into each sign perfectly. Same goes with FiSe and other types.

    However, zodiac elements may correlate cognitive functions.

    Earth = Sensing

    Water = Feeling

    Fire = Intuition

    Air = Thinking

    Extraversion/Introversion may correlate ascendant/rising signs. Masculine archetypes, such as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sag, Aquarius being extraverted, and feminine archetypes, such as Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces being introverted.

    But again, there can be extraverted feminine signs too. It’s all very individual. After studying both fields for years, I can say zodiac archetypes (especially sun signs) and personality types don’t correlate, but they may create interesting combinations, though.

    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: l-l-
    • F Attitude: Unseelie

    Yes I agree with you. Because whenever I try to correlate them, I always find some inconsistencies, especially between the Air signs and Fire signs, because they seem to overlap each other in so many ways in terms of using Feeling and Thinking.

    And I have attempted to link zodiac signs to the four main functions, but it seems to apply more generally to the four elements than the actual zodiac signs and even then there is some disparity.

    Thank you for your response.

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