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    I'm remaking the post as a new thread, since it conflicted to the flow of the new Ni samples post.
    Auburn's underwhelming non-unexpected finding about NiFe may be related to the areas or fields he's finding them in. There are also technological oriented NiFe around, and I think I've identified some, if I haven't mistyped them of course.

    Călin has helped me with typing Arthur, so I'm quite confident with his typing. I think that he's heavy on Je. Arthur has a background in computer programming, but he's also interested in other things like philosophy, drawing etc. He has Asperger's, so this can affect his way of presentation. The subjects of his videos circle around personal development, people and the world in general. He's been in an unhealthy place for quite a while already and I don't know how much relevance his words still have though.

    I've also shared this finding on the discord server. She fits the Ni dominant II-I image well in my opinion (she's similar to Safal at least). She's the Director of Cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, so she'd be another technological oriented NiFe.

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