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  • Wolf00
    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: lll-
    • Attitude: Unseelie

    This is a Korean guy I do care about – nr 1 LoL player, Faker. Let’s see what I can find out.

    These are the videos I’m using:

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrjPAhRIitE&t=131s

    2 .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUhvfBg-BlU&t=60s

    Looking at the first video, he displays receding energy + a good degree of Ji disengages + meticulous hands which leads me to think that his Ji is conscious.

    https://imgflip.com/gif/4a6iuv – 1. 01:34

    ^ pointed toggles + eye centric motions

    https://imgflip.com/gif/4a6izl – 1. 02:05

    ^ eye-head parallel motions

    So, for now, I’m inclined to say that he fits on the Se/Ni axis and that he is perception dominant with conscious Ji.

    https://imgflip.com/gif/4a6jiu – 2. 02:14 – 02:17

    ^Ti placid smile followed by emotional neutralization

    https://imgflip.com/gif/4a6k2i 1. 02:53 – 02:57

    ^Pe bubbling momentum

    Now, there comes the differentiation between Pi and Pe dominance. He’s constantly looking around, analyzing the environment in both videos and he isn’t displaying a fixed gaze and neither any pronounced Pi signal that I can see. So, it seems at least reasonable that he is Pe dominant from what I’ve gathered, and more particularly, Se dominant.

    SeTi II– adaptive seems like a good call to me. I’m waiting for people’s responses if I’m missing something.

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