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  • Rickus
    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: l-l-
    • Attitude: Seelie

    I have looked at two videos of Enya, an Irish singer famous for her alternative style of layered music.

    In this first video, Enya is interviewed in the year of 1991, and it is her first time on live television apparently. I definitely noticed her voice is sprite-like and whispery, but lacking in any Seelie radiation. It appears more Unseelie. She generally has a rigid posture, and makes gentle head nods, which could be indicative of inferior Te, but is not really as decisive.

    Her energy is generally receding, she tends to have disengaged eyes for a few split seconds, but also tends to make good eye contact with the interviewer in a locked-on manner. She has pointed Se eyes as well.

    I have also noticed that her mouth tends to make asymmetrical shapes and it wobbles at times.

    So in the first video I would say Enya is Fi-Se with I— development.

    The second interview takes place in 2016 with the release of Enya’s Dark Sky Island Album.

    The most apparent signal for me would be the tension around her nose and the manner in which her mouth pulls down (I’m not sure what to attribute that signal to) but overall it appears to a contempt signal for Fi.

    While she is speaking I have noticed that she blinks her eyes excessively. I have read in some of the articles about Ji that excessive blinking signifies the reviser function. I think she may also have moments where she toggles between Ni hypnotic eyes and Se sharp eyes.

    Enya’s auxiliary Pe and Se function appears more apparent in this interview, even though these perk ups are quite brief. When I pause the video I can see her eyelids pulled back to the brim, which is a clear sign of Se. But then her eyes tend to disengage for a while too.

    Her hands will be quite meticulous and flow elegantly as she describes the purple crystal in her studio, but then her hands quickly fall to her lap in an Se gravity effect.

    She makes a lot of exerted pushes, which may be mistaken for Fe warm swelling. But she definitely thinks about what she wants to say as she says it, without losing any momentum in her speaking.

    There are also moments of Ni intense scowling, combined with an Fi grimace or tension in her nose when she tries to convey her feeling about a certain question. It seems like she is pinging her emotional Fi register.

    Just to add, when asked if she has any other ambitions except for music, she only seems to focus on music to the exclusion of anything else. I would say this a strong indicator of Se-Ni, having a sort of tunnel vision or focus on only one specific domain.

    When she makes music she also appears to spend hours perfecting her craft, which befits the behaviourism of Se.

    So there it is, feedback would be appreciated if you see anything I’ve missed. I did notice one or two moments where Enya mentions her upbringing. I thought this might be anecdotal rambling indicative of Si, but it might just be a coincidence.


    • Type: FiNe
    • Development: l-l-
    • Attitude: Unseelie

    I’m trying to assess the second video. My first attempt to type:

    Sprite-like voice throughout the video.

    0:39 Raised outer edges Ni.

    0:54 Technical glitching Ti.

    1:57 Unbridled radiation here, but also most throughout the video. Fi.

    2:23 Bear-like hands Fi.

    2:28 Pointed emphasis Je.

    2:32 Projecting hands Je.

    2:38 Snarling tension Fi.

    2:48 Snippy head-nods Te.

    4:05 Zygomatic smile Fe? I might see it wrong.

    4:17 Disengaging eyes Ji.

    4:20 Taut eye area Se.


    I’d say she’s Gamma type. First guess would be Gamma Ji, second would be Gamma Pi. Development: either l-l- or l-ll.

    • Type: SeFi
    • Development: l-l-
    • Attitude: Seelie

    hi grockl

    Thank you for weighing in your assessment. I agree with you, I definitely see her as a Gamma type as well. I also think Ji Gamma makes sense, but perhaps she also has a developed Pi as well. I’m curious what Auburn would think of this.

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